5 Drone Apps Every Drone Pilot Should Know About in 2017
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5 Drone Apps Every Drone Pilot Should Know About in 2017

If you’re not using an application with your drone then you’re seriously missing out. While a lot of pilots think they don’t bring any benefits to your flights and drone at all, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Actually, such apps maximize what you can do with your drone in many different ways and even teach you new things to try out!

5 Top Drone Apps You Can’t Affort Not to Try With Your Drone

Top Drone Apps

Drone Apps: When it comes to drone apps, you need to root for drone app that would seriously be of great benefit for your flying experience. There are lots out there, but these ones stood out.

If you don’t believe us, let’s take a look at the apps you can find online now for your drone and see what they can do. Brace up for these amazing drone apps:

#1: Hover

When it comes to drone apps that are seriously beneficial for your flying experience, Hover is definitely where it’s at. The app regularly updates their interface with International No-Fly Zones so you will know if you’re good to take off or not. It’s also geared toward flight conditions where safety is concerned, and will tell you whether or not flying in your present area is a good idea.

Hover gives you information from the U.S Military, the National Parks, and the FAA for International No-Fly Zones and gives you live updates on forecasts, local currents, you name it. It also has wind directions and speeds handy that are drone-specific, too.

You can also record your flight logs, be connected to the latest drone news and tidbits from the industry and other registered users, and create teams to track, maintain, and log all information from drone flights. This not only helps you with your track records, but other type of personnel looking to know more about specific drones and their flights too.

There are currently over 70,000 commercial and recreational drone pilots that are using Hover at this time of writing. Keep in mind that this is the first drone app to have No-Fly Zone maps. Sadly, it is only for iOS (at least for now), and you can download it by clicking here.

#2: DJI+Discover

All drone enthusiasts and veteran fliers know who, and technically “what”, DJI is. They are one of the top drone manufacturers in the world, so it’s only right that they have their own application. DJI+Discover connects drone users and hosts a platform marketplace for the advertisement of drones and drone services.

Basically, the app really brings drone users and enthusiasts overall together for their love of everything drone. The map shows who is currently flying drones in your surrounding area and their exact location, should they choose to activate their pin feature.

Professional, Social, and All are different modes that can be turned on to basically explain the type of drone user you are. For example, Social is for people that are social drone users who want to meet up with others. Users can share their best photographs and videos and there are markers are present to indicate where the best flying spots are.

DJI+Discover is for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded by clicking here.

#3: Autopilot

For those who are serious camera drone users and enthusiasts, you’re going to love Autopilot. It adds a new range of features that are catered to professional camera drones, such as the Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom line, for example, to have a more capable photography platform.

Autopilot proves that not only can drones be controlled via Android, but that the camera can also be controlled, too. This app gives the user track objects for the camera, better cinematic shots that look more natural, and much more. It’ll also reveal if you are having technical problems and where they are stemming from, too!

The Autopilot app is for iOS and can be downloaded by clicking here.

#4: Airnest

Airnest is a great app for both beginners and veterans. It offers points of focus, waypoints, pre-flight planning, and much more. You can use your finger to swipe a drone route across the screen, drop a pin on the map with your finger to create a point of interest, and more.

The Motion Camera feature is also pretty cool. It lets you control the drone’s camera by simply tilting and panning your connected smart device. Right now the app is a beta that’s being tested, but it’s gaining a ton of hype for what it already has.

Airnest is only available for iOS and can be downloaded by clicking here.

#5: Litchi

This autonomous flight app is a favorite among drone users and enthusiasts. You can set your flight plan up using a mission engine that goes above and beyond your simple, run of the mill waypoint system.

The app has tons of beneficial features, including Follow Me, Orbit, Panorama, and Focus Mode, to name a few. You can also use Focus Mode, which lets you take full control of the drone’s yaw axis and gimbal systems. This allows you to concentrate on the horizontal movement more than anything, which is pretty neat.

You can create a readable flight log for every single flight and further upload them into your HealthyDrones account. If you don’t already have one, you should definitely consider making one. It’s a great way to see your flight logs, speeds, distances, literally everything. Having an analysis of your every flight is great for improving your skills.

The app runs on a state of the art computer algorithm vision and a tracking mode, which keeps what you want the drone focused on within the frame even if you are flying on an autonomous mission.

Litchi is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded by clicking here.

We Should Give Drone Apps a Chance

Because there are so many up and coming apps for drones already out there, being improved upon, or in the works, it’s important to know which ones are the ones you’re going to want.

Drone apps can help you see what you need to improve on, help you connect with local drone enthusiasts to share in the fun of flying on, and can even help you with other aspects of flying, such as knowing where the International No-Fly Zones are.

Overall, being an avid drone user is fun in itself, but adding an app to mix things up to make the experience all the better.


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