Top 10 Gadgets for Students 2012
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Top 10 Gadgets for Students 2012

Must have best gadgets for students

Whether you are a new student attending university for the first time or a returning student continuing your education, having the best and most useful gadgets with you makes life that much easier.

Top Ten Must-Have Gadgets for StudentsMust have best gadgets for students

If you can only choose ten gadgets, you want to choose ones that are flexible, innovative and useful.

1. Livescribe Pulse

The Livescribe Pulse is a smart-pen that records whatever you are writing – class notes, memos, etc. – and can then be uploaded on to your computer. The Livescribe Pulse can also make an audio recording of what you have written. After downloading your writing on to the computer, you can simply tap on a section and it will be read back to you. It can hold up to 200 hours of audio on its 2GB (gigabyte) version.

2. Victornox

USB flash drives have made saving and transporting files from one computer to another smooth and easy, so it goes without saying that most people have at least a few of these memory sticks. One of the newest memory sticks, made by Victorinox, comes with a whole terabyte, or TB, of storage space, which is more than enough room for writing files, music, and anything else you wish to back-up and move about.

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3. Projection Alarm Clock 

Having an alarm clock that does more than just wake you up in the morning is a definite plus. Many of the latest alarm clocks offer a variety of special gadget features. The Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Monitor not only keeps accurate time based on the Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado, but also measures the temperature and displays weather forecast icons on its face.

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4. Keurig MINI Plus

Late nights and early mornings make coffee a requirement for many students, but even if you still prefer a cup of tea, having a personal brewing system is a very useful gadget to have. Personal brewing systems, such as the Keurig MINI Plus, allow you to make individual cups of coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage in less than two minutes. With perfectly portioned brewing cups filled with the beverage of your choice, making a hot drink is as simple as pouring the water and pressing a button.

5. iPad

Laptops have become a necessity for university students, with new deluxe models appearing on the market every year. The latest innovation in personal computing is the iPad from Apple. Offering all the features and functions of a laptop or notebook, the iPad is completely portable and internet accessible. The iPad also can double as an e-reader, which will prove very useful as textbooks become more and more expensive.

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6. Xbox360

Other useful, must-have gadgets include digital cameras, portable hard drives for data storage, a mobile phone or smartphone and, just for fun and relaxation, an Xbox 360.

7. Digital cameras 

There are many digital cameras out there that are awesome for students. You can just do google keyword research for your match because there are too many to select.

8. Portable hard drives for data storage

Another gadget for students which I’m going to made mention of is the portable hard drives. These gadget works in an excellent way, letting you save files for future use without hassle while you can also take the device along with you to anywhere.

9. Smartphones

When  we’re talking of smartphones, there are countless numbers of them as well, but some are outstanding when compared to the others. The Nokia Lumia 900 and other phones such as Sony Xperia and the likes are cool and smart looking phones for students this season.

10. TabTop PC

This device is an household name in India and the environs not for one thing than, its cool design and user friendly interface. It is a nice tablet PC for any serious students.

How to Get the Best Gadgets Deals Online

Getting the best deal on your most-wanted gadgets should start with an effective online search. Many of the latest gadgets can only be found online and, unless you want to wait for them to make it to your nearest store, this is the best place to acquire them. Deals can be found everywhere, from stores online portal and heavily discounted warehouse websites to sites such as eBay and Amazon. You can also save extra money with a discount code and coupon.

Those are the top gadgets for students, but if you have any which we might have missed, I’ll like to have them. Thanks

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  1. Alex FlyDrive

    April 13, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    There are multiple android viruses already roaming our nation. As per using cellphone as a school tool is unrealistic. Typing a paper on a smart phone is like pulling teeth. Small screen is a big a problem. The future of school tools will fall in between a Tablet PC or Ultra Book with a minimum of I5 processor, 13″ screen and a long battery life

    • Olawale Daniel

      July 7, 2014 at 10:50 pm

      Hey Alex, thanks for adding your unique voice here 🙂


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