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Published on October 13th, 2011 | by Olawale Daniel


Top List of High PR Dofollow Blogs For 2011

Just like other website ranking sites on the globe,, and others have there own criteria that they use to rate blog and website on how they are performing in terms of traffic, reputation and some other useful areas that make them choose the site as a good to use website or blog.

Google pagerank too is a google algorithm that is been used to rank pages of websites according to their performance in area of backlinks that the page have on other top rank blogs and how much the site is publishing great content on regualar basis.

With the google pagerank feature is opposite of Alexa ranking style because alexa is decreasing while google pagerank needs to increase before your website can have higher authotiy on the internet.

High PR Dofollow Blogs

Getting good dofollow backlinks to your blog from other high profile blog on the internet is the best way for your website to clinch to the top of google pagerank. And, also you can get more authority on your blog if you don’t have several link backs to your website from different website on the net, so that is

“The higher the backlinks to your website, the better it will become and the more it will become authoritative blog or website on google crawler’s face and to get higher backlinks to your blog or website, you will need to engage more in commenting on other blog related to your niche as this will help you get more backlinks to your blog and to do this, you will need comluv enabled blog (commentluv plugin) to comment on because those are the blogs that can enable you to share your link for more search engine reputation.”

CommentLuv plugin is an RSS feed data catching application that will authomaitcally fetch the data of your your blog (it can fecth the last ten blog post on your blog) and display the link to the posts with the comment that you published on the website.

With that link, people can use the link to come to your website to come and read the full post and with this you will get more traffic to your website and blog easily. CommentLuv works in a simpler way, it enables you to add your website links automatically instead of having to add the links manually which normally take more times and stress.

In this article, I will be listing the top CommentLuv plugin enabled website that you can comment on for you to get quality backlinks to your website without stress.

I have carefully add all the blogs according to their page rank authority so that you can know how to pick them easily and also remember that all the blogs are here for in all kinds of niche. You just have to check the one that relates to your niche and area of blogging and start to use it.

Page Rank 6 :

  1. Grok dot com
  4. Eartheasy blog
  5. SocialTimes
  6. The Mall blog
  7. The Virtual Handshake
  10. Weblog tools collection
  11. Interaction Design
  12. Jisc Digital Media

Page Rank 5:

  11. hobo-web
  21. Uncommonphotographers
  33. Focus Organic
  34. Profitsfinancesite

Page Rank 4

  1. Stephan Miller Blog
  2. Nickoo Shore
  3. YoungPrePro
  4. TechTricksWorld
  5. BlueVerse
  6. BlogChef
  7. DearDrMoz
  8. TechGeeze
  9. Colloquium
  10. TheCroniclesOfR
  11. PhpCafe
  12. FreeBieShark
  13. MissNexus
  14. ZigPress

Page Rank 3 and below:

  1. Qwertyweb
  2. TheReasoner
  3. DukDukMonk
  4. Internet Marketing
  5. Shanker Bakshi

These are the lists of dofollow blogs for you and there are more of it coming in couple of days to come, so, be expectant of it. They are all top lists of high pr dofollow blogs for 2011.

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46 Responses to Top List of High PR Dofollow Blogs For 2011

  1. eHackingNews says:

    Thanks for this wonderful dofollow list. Hope this will help to increase my pagerank.


  2. Boy dog names says:

    thanks for the list, i will check them.

  3. humor clothing says:

    What a brilliant post. You should do a series! :)I did a sort of blogging for dummies over on one of the craft forums and I thought it was too simple for them, but the amount of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even people just a few years older have not! Really good post! :)

  4. Alden says:

    Thanks for this list. I’ve found a handful of relevant sites on your list that can help me to increase my page rank. Keep up the good work! Cheers!.

  5. Munnar Tour says:

    really fantastic list.i hope all it work

  6. Monica says:

    Thank you so much for this list, I actually found your blog through your comment at another site. So, that is further proof that commentluv works and helps build relationships with other bloggers!

  7. Foundation Stage says:

    Really I like this post it is very excellent do follow list ,Hope this will help to increase my pagerank.
    Thanks for sharing information.

  8. Gagan says:

    Nice informative list.

  9. arunii says:

    Very good list of dollow blogs , i commented on many sites from above mentioned list and really feeling lucky

  10. Atish says:

    Hey dude. Thanks for the list but I can’ see my blog listed here in the PR4 blogs. If you don’t have any problem then please include my blog in the list too. my blog has PR 4, dofollow, keyword luve, commentluve enabled.

  11. New hot teach says:

    It is a excellent post.every blogger like this post bsc have more high pr do follow url list. every blogger increase their Google pagerank ,Alexa etc.
    Thank you for sharing information.

  12. James says:

    thank you very much, I know that you spend a lots of time to collect this.

  13. Joey G. says:

    Thank you very much for these links. And for the time you spent on them.

  14. Allen Cruz says:

    It is a extremely useful content. It is extremely instructive so you have clearly performed your homework leading up to producing this unique write-up for- Top List of High PR Dofollow Blogs For 2011 – Technology Blog. I placed your site, on so that others would have the pleasure to return and browse your upcoming content articles.

  15. AllenSmith says:

    I’ve found that some of the blogs on the list have switched to no follow but most of them are indeed do follow.Thanks for the great list. It’s a useful list for backlink building.

  16. sakshi says:

    Hey thanks for sharing this useful list of do-follow blogs. I hope all of them or most of them are do-follow blogs. I spend my huge time in searching for the do-follow blogs but at the end of the day I am able to find just few of them which are do-follow but they do not approve comment at an instant.

  17. dheofin says:

    Thanks for the list friend..this is what am searching to build backlinks for my website..Thanks again

  18. brenice says:

    Hey, Daniel. Thanks for sharing this useful tip from you. It can really help to those who are into SEO especially in the task of blog commenting. This research is definitely so great.

  19. bangla news says:

    Thanks friend,
    Maybe you have to pay lot of time to collect it.
    It’s very helpful for me, I think for every one it will helpful.
    Thanks again.

  20. high dividend stocks says:

    Thanks you very much for the good list, need some help to improve the traffic of my site, I will review.

  21. steven21 says:

    Hello…. i visited your and i spent time looking at your site and i found many valuable contents in it. I really find your site very useful for me. I love it and please continue adding many new contents.

  22. Angel says:

    I frequently visit your site and every time I find some very useful information. I have not used all the blog sites list that you have shared but the one I have browsed are very good. Thanks for sharing.

  23. reza says:

    As the year 2011 is about to end, may we expect an updated list of do follow blogs. Thanks for your nice free service.

  24. Yentl says:

    Thanks a lot for this list mate, it will help me a lot.
    Too bad there aren’t too many blogs that are in my niche with a high PageRank, but on the other hand, it gives me quite an advantage as well: less competition! :-)
    Just have to get myself launched on an not-so related nicheblog I guess :-)

    Thanks anyways ;-)

    • Olawale Daniel says:

      You are in for a big business. Write guest and promote your blog to be the number one on Google in your niche…That is all what you need

  25. livethesource says:

    thanks so much for putting this blog list together. Its going to be very useful….thanks again

  26. gothic fantasy art says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  27. japh says:

    thanks! great resource. keep posting more…

  28. gazel says:

    Hi! Wonderful post you got here! Please keep me posted tell us for any new post or updates!..Nice job!!

  29. cardiff stag says:

    i am looking to have any software which can easily search lots of dofollow blogs if high pr or on topics then it will be great.

  30. sheryl says:

    Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.

  31. montreal web designers says:

    I check the PR of the given list and sad to say some of those are PR 0 . They dont have rank or maybe they are ranked down already .

  32. saimohanreddy says:

    hey OLAWALE DANIEL, thanks for do follow blogs list. but i have one doubt. how can i find do follow blogs in my niche. so could you please tell me where can i found related blogs to my niche?

  33. Ricky1990 says:

    Thanks for the list. I am in the process of collecting dofollow blogs. This surely helps.

  34. Diego says:

    That was enjoyable to read, thanks for posting

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