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Published on March 31st, 2012 | by Olawale Daniel


New Toshiba Mini NB520 Netbook with Enhanced Battery life

Toshiba, one of the best and renowned electronic devices manufacturer has just announced its Mini Laptop called Toshiba Mini NB520 netbook.

The new Netbook was revealed as an update on the previous version, Toshiba Mini NB510. The new Toshiba Mini NB520 is enhanced with various developed specs  which includes multi-in-one card reader, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, Sleep-and-Charge USB enabled port, VGA webcam and many more. Its design is an impressive one which will surely impresses anyone seeing the device for the first time. You can have a look at other features of this device below.


The new Toshiba Mini NB520 Netbook is proudly built with a 10.1-inch TruBrite display and it carries a 16:9 aspect ratio along with an utilization of LED backlighting. Also, it has a display resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It is developed with the the popular Toshiba quality with Toshiba best quality and nb520 netbook

It is embedded with the High class Comfort full-sized keyboard which also comes with a TouchPad – it is easy to use and also good for navigation on the device. It is empowered with an Intel Atom N2600 dual core processor that promises good and high quality performance.

Apart from all of the above specs, it comes embedded with a 1GB of DDR3 RAM and it is equipped with a hard disk capacity of up to 320GB.

It also comes with different connection methods such as HDMI port, Ethernet LAN, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n,  and it includes a touchpad which also has a multi-touch capabilities.

NB520 is powered with an advanced battery that ensures a long lasting battery life of up to 10 hours.

When it comes to audio features, this new Toshiba Mini Laptop has been enhanced with a Harman Kardon stereo speakers that carries a Dolby Advanced Audio and has been enhanced with a Sleep-and-Music microphone along with  a headphone jacks that lets you listen to music even when the PC is temporarily in sleep mode. The Toshiba Mini Laptop NB520 measures a dimension of 261.9 x 189.6 x 16.6 (35.5) mm and it has a weight of 1.32kg.

Also like the NB510, the new Toshiba Mini NB520 is available around the second quarter of this year (Q2 of this year).


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22 Responses to New Toshiba Mini NB520 Netbook with Enhanced Battery life

  1. ibash says:

    I’m a bit disappointed by Toshiba, my current Toshiba laptop has been starting to self destruct just when the warranty has expired :/

  2. Dmar says:

    This computer is a great machine as standard. It’s a shame I bought a laptop recently. I love the blue. I like that you can choose the color of the casing.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. koundeenya says:

    Wow… The designs so awesome. After reading this, i guess toshiba’s gonna hit the market. It will be better if they had a better config

  4. Sonia says:

    Up to 10 Hours battery backup is pretty awesome, i think there would be a few netbooks which are capable of such a good backup.

  5. FreeReviews says:

    The Toshiba Mini NB520 seems like a great Notebook, in-fact I will definitely check it out.
    Currently I am using a borrow Toshiba L455D-S5976, which is a tough piece of device and I have never experience in problems thus far so I can safely Toshiba brands all the way…

    Olawale, Here is A Seo Tip To you.
    Try an affiliate link any product you’re promoting.

    • Olawale Daniel says:

      Thanks for the tip bro…

      But, do you have any good resourceful affiliate site where most of these gadgets could be affiliated apart from Amazon?

      I’d be expecting your kind suggestions

  6. Lesleyanneyp says:

    If you said Toshiba, It means durability for me. i got my old Toshiba Satellite 100CS, with windows 95 OS and a internal floppy disk running on an Intel Pentium processor at 75 MHz, 32 MB of RAM. Until now its running smoothly. it is really a tough laptop. :-)

  7. Battery Tender says:

    Yeah right! Toshiba products is really amazing when it comes in quality, if you buy a laptop you are assured that you can used it for years. It’s good to have this product since because it enhance it battery life it means that, you can enjoy surfing and doing your work with less doubt that it will turn down its power immediately. Sad to say that some laptop and notebooks battery is not good, you will used it then after an hour the screen will turn into black. not good. So thank you for sharing this post! It helps the people what brand to buy in terms of purchasing a notebook or a laptop.

  8. Jerry Masters says:

    I guess the price is around $450 which is pretty reasonable, the configuration is pretty decent, Nice thing about Toshiba’s Mini NB520 is Speakers which is Advanced Audio Technology which is a new kind and better but it is not that impressive, I recently bought Dell Inspiron core i5 comparingly which is better.

  9. Adams says:

    Thanks for the article but Toshiba is not my favorite, don’t know why but i really dont like it what ever it has features in it, Mac is much better then any other laptop yap its quite expensive but light weight , look, and more then that Mac is from Steve Jobs . i’m not saying toshiba isn’t great i’m just sharing my opinions, but any way Thanks for the info and keep sharing it.

  10. content marketing says:

    I think Toshiba making rocks to the market by this lappy.

  11. Domenic De Giorgio says:

    To be honest I never found Toshiba that impressive compare to any other brands like Apple or HP, The new Toshiba Mini NB520 looks pretty decent and the new changes of new Harman Kardon stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio is wonderful as any other company is not providing that. Thanks for sharing this new update.

  12. Dixia Shi says:

    The new Toshiba Mini NB520 looks wonderful and the new changes of new Harman Kardon stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio is very wonderful because nobody is providing this features, I’m loving Toshiba, thanks for sharing.

  13. Terry says:

    Where can I buy replacement battery for the NB520?

  14. Sydney hotels says:

    There are number of lappy provider but Toshiba is best one.

  15. Sydney hotels says:

    There are number of lappy provider company but Toshiba is best one.

  16. Usman says:

    Well this Toshiba Laptop looks attractive to me with Intel Atom N2600 Processor but only 1Gb of built in RAM is a bit disappointing. The RAM must have been 4GB DDR3 to ensure quick processing speed.

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