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Verizon FiOS TV Interactive Guide – Find the TV Programming You’re Looking for Faster

Verizon FiOS TV interactive guide raises the game for TV interactive guides everywhere. In the same way that the FiOS system made a leap forward for the home TV experience, providing fibre optic cabling that ensured a stronger, faster, clearer and more reliable signal; so does the FiOS Guide ensure that your route to the program you want is way more straightforward and way easier to trust.

The “standard” interactive TV guide is normally a basic listing with an in screen box showing you either what is currently on, or what you are navigating to. The Verizon FiOS TV interactive guide, on the other hand, has been designed to take advantage of the super power of fibre optic technology by presenting a search screen that is familiar to all users – by being more like an internet search and less like a standardised TV screen.verizon-fios-tv

When you pull up your search screen on Verizon, you can either apply a series of filters – many more than you would expect from a normal TV guide screen, which usually gives you the four associated with those coloured buttons – to find your show, or you can enter search terms as you would in an Internet search engine.

When you enter your chosen term in your Verizon FiOS interactive guide, every result that’s relevant to that term comes back to you – just like it would in the search engine. You’ll get to see every programme that comes under the remit of your search, plus all kinds of added media – reviews, events, competitions and interactive items. When you search for a given show, all the show’s timings will come up in your search results; but you’ll also get information about whether other shows are related to it, where they are on and what they are about.

The whole Verizon FiOS experience is about making your viewing more interactive – and easier to control. That makes it ideal for everyone – not just digital natives, but people who have less experience than the rest of us when it comes to navigating the online landscape. Rather than hacking through page after page to try and find what you are looking for, pressing a coloured button and then dragging down endless menus that still don’t return the results you were hoping for, the Verizon FiOS interactive guide allows you to cut to the chase. Children and older viewers will find it much easier to simply type out what they want rather than go around the houses.

Parental controls still apply of course – so even if your kids do start searching for things they shouldn’t be watching, they won’t be able to do so or view any content related to it.

The Verizon system is the first of its kind – just like the FiOS initiative has been the first fully fibre optic supply to be launched nationwide. The other cable TV suppliers are scrambling to catch up – but in this industry of course, everything happens at top speed. It won’t be long before every interactive TV guide is as genuinely interactive as the guide you get with the Verizon FiOS service.

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