Why You Should Implement Email Encryption
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Why You Should Implement Email Encryption

Why you should do email encryption

Security is a big issue for computer and internet device uses these days, with cyber crime affecting both personal and business users on a large scale. The high level of cybercrime can affect everything we do on our computers and devices, posing a real threat to our security. Even using our email accounts has become a big risk as a result of increased threats to email security – which is why it has become so important to implement email encryption.

Many cyber criminals are able to cause havoc and devastation through email-borne threats and activities. With encrypted email you can help to reduce these threats and risks, which means greater peace of mind and increased security. Finding expert providers that can protect you with a secure email gateway will enable you to benefit in many ways, avoiding a range of threats that could otherwise cause huge issues and problems for you or your business.

Why you should do email encryption

The key benefits of email encryption:

Whether you are an individual or a business user, you will benefit in many ways from ensuring email encryption. It is important to remember just how commonplace and widespread cyber crime has become as a form of criminal activity, and those who engage in this type of crime are constantly evolving their range of ways to try and achieve these goals. Using emails to attempt crimes has become so widespread that all users need to be increasingly mindful about the risks they face.

Alan Henry of Lifehacker has a very long tutorial with videos which explains how you can encrypt your emails with some added advantages of email encryption. Trust me, the post is long enough to guide you through the whole process.

Let’s move on, here are some of the key benefits of having email encryption in place as far as I’m concerned.

Valuable peace of mind

With the high level of cyber crime experienced these days, it is little wonder that both personal and business users are nervous about falling victim to it. When you implement email encryption, you can ensure you have that extra layer of protection against cyber crime, which means that you can benefit from valuable peace of mind.

Protection against a range of threats

There are a number of email-borne threats that could potentially cause huge issues for you if you do not have protection in place. With the right protection, such as encrypted email, you can make sure you minimise on the risk of email threats such as spam, malware, data leaks, social engineering attacks and DHA & DDoS attacks.

Affordable protection

With the right provider on board, email encryption provides you with a very effective yet affordable means of protecting yourself and your system against a range of potentially serious cyber attacks. This is something that can dramatically reduce risks, which is vital in today’s digital world.

For businesses in particular, having this sort of protection in place is of vital importance. The variety of threats and attacks that can be spread via email means that businesses are always at risk, and the effects of these attacks can be devastating to a business. With the right protection in place, businesses can protect their data and systems, taking a stand against the growing problem of cyber crime.

Email encryption is necessary for individuals and businesses to stay on top of the game when it comes to security. There are several methods of securing ones email, in which encryption is one of, but I’ll love to know other methods you’ve used.

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  1. Matt

    March 3, 2014 at 12:37 am

    Email requires metadata. Metadata is traceable. Use site that helps encrypt email with no metadata.


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