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Published on November 10th, 2011 | by Olawale Daniel


Zuckerberg says Google, Yahoo and Microsoft collect data behind your back [video]

In a recent interview conducted on Charlie Rose show, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are secretly collecting user data unknown to them. Zuckerberg argued that his Facebook is even more transparent (free of data insecurities) than the aforecited companies.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg  participates in an online "town hall"  at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California

He said, “It is just clear that they are collecting data about you behind your back.” “As you are going all around the web, they are collecting this huge amount of information about you and you never knew that.”

He continued further by acknowledging it that though it is true that Google do allow users to see which type of information its server is storing through its Google Dashboard website, but “very few people” know that, that feature exists somewhere or bother to check it.

He closes by backing up his company, Facebook by saying, Facebook also like Google provides additional features for users to manage what other people can see and what they cannot see about you, although it is arguable that Google+ makes it much easier to configure these options from the google account settings area.

You can watch the interview below:


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9 Responses to Zuckerberg says Google, Yahoo and Microsoft collect data behind your back [video]

  1. Peter says:

    Facebook is very open to their website, unlike yahoo and google who is very secured. I would rather be choosing facebook than any other sites.

  2. Eric Murphy says:

    Nice info dude.

  3. Ahsan says:

    Finally, I saw Zuckerberg’s interview. Here he added some hidden information which we don’t know. thanks for share

  4. Guitar Headphone Amp says:

    Mark is not only a good “innovator” but also a good sales person, i mean OFCOURSE facebook stores your information cmon man, but the way he tells it, sounds like facebook is less evil than the aforementioned companies above.

  5. hrmehrotra says:

    I think all of them getting their useful information of users………but Google is on top of them

  6. Tyra Shortino says:

    By the way Mark Zuckerberg looked and answered the questions in the interview, he seemed not to be intimidated by the other rival companies. He certainly implied that Facebook has it’s distinctiveness compared to other companies. Currently, Facebook never seem to fade out from the public and that’s where Mark get his assurance from.

  7. New Android Tablet says:

    Mark is the idealist, I think the big name facebook still can not rival the king of the internet google

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