10 Best Funny Videos of All Time Hosted on Youtube

It is no more new that videos tend to speak louder than a written words on the screen of a computer. Nowadays, people usually go for videos when it comes to learning and even if people are looking for something that can make them laugh or get excitement to do great  works – they prefer to go for videos than reading an article on it. This video is very sure to make you laugh and laugh out your sorrow and even in the image beside here feature U.S. president, Barrack Obama laughing off the Republicans and we think that worth using to depict this video collections.funny-obama-laughing-republicans-2012-electionsSo, that is why I decided to share with you the top ten best funny videos of all time for you to watch and share with your loved ones because these videos are sure-fire Funny Youtube Videos to that would make you show your teeth in front of your would-be girlfriend.


(1) Charlie bit my finger – again!

View: 391 Million+

Description: This is an interesting video that features two kids having a fun with each other. The younger one among the kids bites the older one’s finger twice. Each time the small kid bites the finger of the older one, they show a wonderful expression in their face. Frankly, this is the video that you should keep watching on and on because it makes sense and you can check here to see for yourself why this video is popular among other videos.

(2) The Ultimate Dog Tease

Views: 70 Million+

Description: This is one of the most hilarious video online which has many clicks from different websites because it is very interesting to watch. It is all about a dog’s reaction what happened to him when his food is being fed to someone else. The video reveals the funny response of the dog when it is suffered of the kind of food it likes most.

(3) If you watch this 100 times you’ll still laugh!

Views: 37 Million+

Description: To me, this is one of the best funny video I’ve ever watched via Youtube. It is funny to the core and makes it hard for me to forget the caption of the video. In the video, it happened that a boy is challenging his teen friend that he could summersault over a wooden-wall without any hindrance. However, the boy try to summersault but he falls-flat on his back and most of the crowd started laughing because of this wonder drama that happened.

(4) Funniest Videos/Creative Ads

Views: 24 Million+

Description: In this video, you will a large collection of funny ads that will keep you standing and jumping on your kneels laughing because of those ads. There’s more in this video as you will see for yourself when you download or watch it.

5) The World’s Most Funny Dog

Views: 17 Million+

Description: This video is taken over all by dogs and you are going to enjoy watching it as well.

(6) Lost Generation

Views: 15 Million+

Description: This video was shot in Argentina as a political advertisement and it worth watching because of the creativity that were implemented in the video.

7) Baby Shakira

View to date: 14 Million+

Description: Shakira was as a singer who has an interesting dancing steps that many wouldn’t forget easily when they watched her performance stage. After some while now, shakira wasn’t anywhere to be found because of some other widely listed to musics, but watching this video will give you an idea of who and how Shakira dancing would have been if she was still a kid. The baby in this video shows the dancing steps and some other paparazzi Shakira would have included in her performance as the kid danced well to the tunes of a popular Shakira song.

Try to watch this without laughing or grinning

Views: 11 Million+

Description: The video, shows us that fatty people can look somehow funny too. In this video featured a fat kid seen dancing to a given tune. The mixing of the video even make the video to look more funnier though.

9) Vodafone Zoozoo ads all in one

Views to date: 1.57 Million+

Description: The video describe the advertisement for a major telecom company, Vodafone.

10) How long does a VolkSwagen beetle float? Just watch!

Views to date: 1.50 Million+

Description: This is one of the funniest in this category because it has been long that a Volkswagen been seen on a major road sinking but this time is different. This video is a commercial shot in the early 1970s and describes a Volkswagen car that’s air tight. The car was floating as seen in the video and it has capability of floating on every water as shown in the video.


Image: themetapicture.com

Videos: Youtub.com

Idea: iralsquid.com

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