10 Great iPhone Apps for Healthy Living

Best Ten iPhone Apps for Healthy Living

Perhaps you never imagined that your iPhone Apps can have a great role to play in helping you lead a healthy life. Believe me, it is true and many users have experienced this happy way to get in shape and enjoy a chance of staying hale and hearty. Of course, it is important that you seriously follow the tips and advice offered by these apps for they can only act as a guide, a friend, a trainer or a coach, but they cannot substitute you. The decision to exercise or not, eat or not and stay fit or not is ultimately only yours. Nevertheless, these apps simplify your goal of keeping you healthy and fit as long as you use them.

Have a look at some of these Great iPhone Apps which can bring wonderful results into your life. There are plenty of apps meant for exercise, diet and keeping track of your health status. You can make use of their power to bring in energy and activity in your life. Staying healthy, energetic and fit has never been as simple as now. You can get a great toned body a slim and attractive shape and even identify some illness at the earliest and getting some basic medical advice.

Pranayama iphone app1. Pranayama iPhone App

This can help you exercise your breathing and bring about unbelievable benefits to your mental and physical health. All you need to do is to use this tool to harness the knowledge and power of ancient Indian wisdom and channelize your energy while getting rid of your mental stress. You will be able to enjoy a higher level of energy if you use this to control and time your breathing exercises as described.

It is referred to as the perfect stress removing app ever by some iphone users over the years because of their personal experience while using it.

Healthy Habits iphone app2. Healthy Habits iPhone App

This health, happiness and fitness app guides you to maintain and track your habits. Simple and useful reminders on exercise schedule, healthy diet and your progress level can go a long way in assisting you on your journey to stay fit.

What are the things you are doing that are not good for your healthy living? Follow the guides from this app and it will reveal them to you one after other to help you live a better life. It was featured on slideshare some months ago because the app was greatly built.

Calorie Counter iphone app3. Calorie Counter iPhone App

This app will help you shed those unwanted calories off your body. Your battle with weight loss, diet regimen and schedule for tracking meals is diligently captured and presented to you.

Why are you becoming too fat at this present age of yours? Stop this now because it could affect you in future.

Don’t you know that it is not good to be too fat and it also not good to have bad body shape and that is why you need this app to track your calorie intake.

Glucose Buddy iphone app4. Glucose Buddy iPhone App

This wonderful app is a boon for diabetic patients. It helps them monitor their sugar levels regularly and helps them take necessary preventive steps to avoid any unpleasant surprises by keeping track of carbohydrate intake and insulin doses.

This app is a Godsend to diabetic patients that can easily lay their hands on it because it promises to help them straighten their mode of living even under extreme condition. And if you have any diabetic person closer to you, you can refer this app to the person.

Pregnancy Tracker iphone app5. Pregnancy Tracker iPhone App

This caters to the needs of an expecting mother while her body changes and the development of the baby. This relieves the user of keeping a painstaking record of the entire pregnancy period.

Now, expectant mothers don’t have to wait till the last day before they could easily get hold of information pertaining to their unborn child’s condition inside their bellies.

They can easily track and know what is going on well and not well with the baby in order to call the attention of the doctor to it.

Smoothie selector iphone app6. Smoothie selector iPhone App

This app guides you to choose and select the right kind of food that might otherwise tempt you. A quick check on this app will help you in your decision making and you will not take a bite that you will regret.

Featured on Appadvice and MensHealth as the perfect app for building good body posture and reducing fake body size.

With the Smoothie app, you have great selection of recipes in your pocket without hassle.

Jimmy the bartender iphone app7. Jimmy the bartender iPhone App

This is an excellent app that helps you keep a healthy check on your consumption pattern of drinks.

Before is the time when people can just take in any kind of drinks without checking maybe it is the right one to take or not, this time, things have changed and the rate at which people are getting into health problem has paved way for developers to create an app for checking this action to avoid this problem from growing day by day.

Nike training club iphone app8. Nike training club iPhone App

This interesting app helps you in your workout. It is like a point based game that gives you incentive to workout.

There are video demonstrations accompanied with a voice based commentary that guides you along your workout schedule.

It was designed and owned by the popular brand, Nike and the app has been featured live on Mashable when Nike was just announcing the release of the app.

Run keeper iphone app9. Run keeper iPhone App

This great app is meant to keep a record of your runs and gives you feedback. Whether you are outdoors or in your gym, each run is tracked.

This app was designed by RunKeeper and it features a lot of benefits for anyone interested in using it.

This app is really a top notch healthy living app that makes live more easier for people to live. To add to that, ReadWriteWeb has featured this app on its page for couples of months because of its usefulness to human being.

Spark People iphone app10. Spark People iPhone App

This is also an amazing app where you get plenty of information ranging from nutrition facts, recipes, articles and an interactive user community.

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