10 Potential Make Money Online Methods For Bloggers

Many people write blogs just to share their views and opinion with others. But there are some business minded people who want to make money out of it. For all the bloggers out there who are spending their valuable time writing online and not getting paid for it, it’s now time to think a bit differently. Transform your blog into a cash maker. Anyone can make huge money from blogging sites. Blog advertising is the key.Make Money Online Fast

The main purpose of blog advertising is to bring in money. There are several types of blog advertisements like direct ads (where a blogger offers space on the site for visitors to advertise. But it also requires a large amount of visitors and standard knowledge of web designing), affiliate ads (this is the most popular way of blog advertising. In this case the blogger becomes a member of an affiliated program and they will publish different ads on the blogger’s site), impression based ads etc.

Here, let us look at the 10 ways bloggers make money through advertising.

Ad networks

Services like dgm India, tyroo, ozone media, pubmatic, Networkplay, paypod deliver their ads to different sites. You can make use of any of these websites to make money from your blog starting from now.

Cost per impression

It is all about an appearance on the web page. Here the blogger sells space for an ad and gets paid each time the ad loads. The rate depends on the ad value. It is also known as CPM (the ‘m’ is ‘mille’ in Latin, means thousand).

Cost per click/pay per click

In this case the blogger gets paid from the advertisers (tyroo, admagnet etc.) each time someone clicks on the ad. This is the same thing like Google Adsense where you display some codes on your site in order to show Google ads on your blog, and then get paid for every clicks on those ads. Countless number of bloggers are using Google ads because it brings results more than other method, imagine a life without Google for these group of bloggers.

Cost per acquisition

When someone takes an action after clicking the ad like sale or signing up the advertisers will pay the respective blogger.

Video advertising

Online video ad is one of the several strategies used to make online money. It is popular for getting better rankings than any simple text ad .The cause is videos with descriptive tags and partnership with search engines like Google and YouTube. The main thing is the audience gets a chance to understand the use of the particular product or service easily through the demonstrative video. It’s easy for the manufacturers to give instructions.

Image ads

This is quite similar to video ads that pop up in YouTube videos and can be minimized. There are some sites like britepic.com, imagespacemedia.com, embedAnything.com etc. that will help bloggers to create ad images. In some image ads the ads are displayed only when the visitor clicks on the image.


If someone owns a blog site where people are buying or selling things or there are jobs which people are interested in .That can be a very useful way of income. The blog will attract both the advertiser and those people who want to see the ad.


The blogger can sell ad space on a timely basis to the sponsors for a fixed income. This thing can be done in several different methods like monthly, clickthrough or pageviews basis. Sponsorships can bring great business opportunities for a blog.

Text link ads

In this type, the blogger can place ads directly to the blog posts. Like a blogger is writing about how to make a computer virus-free and inserts a text link ad of any Antivirus software.

Sell others’ product

make-money-online fast bloggingAffiliate programs allow bloggers to serve as a medium between readers and online sites. As an example, a blogger is offering some product ad in his blog. By clicking on the ad the audience can go directly to the affiliated site for more information about the product. Firstly the blogger has to choose a product which he wants to sell, then he gets the link.

This link will allow the advertisers to know that the blogger is affiliate and to put the commission on the blogger’s account. In this type of marketing there are some advantages. The blogger can sell more than 100 products at a time. The blogger will not be responsible to convince the customers. The blogger’s job is only to guide the visitors about the products.

People who want to make money from blog sites can have some idea through these effective and popular methods of making money through advertising.Try it and bring in those extra cash.

Have you been making money from your website? What are the methods you’re using that we might have missed, please share them with us.

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