10 Best Sites to Get Quality Backlinks and Traffic to Your Blog free

 List of Top 10 Websites to Build Quality Backlinks + Traffic to Your Blog

Getting quality backlinks and traffic to your blog in most cases is a daunting tasks, so, the chance of getting to the top in this blogging journey can become harder especially for a website with few traffic. You, as a blogger need different methods to get quality traffic to your blog and that’s why this post will be showing you ten useful and powerful websites you can use to build quality backlinks to your blog. Not only backlinks, but, you will also be able to get good and awesome traffic to your blog along the process without hassle.how to get awesome traffic dofollow with quality backlinks to your blog

1. Slash Dot 

Slash Dot is a simple website for submit your articles and get good traffic. It is very easy to use, just register and start submit your every article on it. but you need to wait for admin approval of every article you submitted.

Note: Please note that Slash Dot does not allow spammed articles/money making spams.

2. Folkd

It’s also like slash dot, you’ll be able to submit your links and get traffic from the site. You never need to wait for approval of your link. It is automated and instant approval is guaranteed.

3. Biz Sugar

Biz Sugar is a simple to use platform that allow people to share their small business news and tips.  Once you have a “small business news and tips “, then, go to BizSugar and start sharing your business tips.

4. Hacker News

Hacker News is my most favourite website. It’s well worked for so many technology blogs and sites. The site is very simple website for people to bookmark. There are many more other popular websites like Mashable, Techcrunch that are using hacker news to promote their sites.

5. Technorati

Almost all of experienced bloggers know about this. But so many beginners don’t know much about technorati and how to get indexed. So this 5th point is help for beginners. Technorati is a popular blog directory. So go to Technorati and index your blog on it. You can read this guide to help you get indexed on Technorati below.

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6. Link Submitz

Link Submitz is not a popular website, though. But I usually get quality traffic from link submitz on regular basis. So i prefer to use link submitz more than any other. One more thing here is that it also works like slash dot.

7. tipd

With Alexa rank of 11,515, Tipd can help you increase your traffic overnight. The site is very small but it has good layout. It has have good alexa rank and google pagerank. You need to register a free account before posting your article link.its also well worked for me.

8. Blink List

BlinkList makes it easier for bloggers to save their post as a link and then share it with as many people as they like. It is very useful to save your blog posts as links and share with friends and more

9. Fark

Just like its description which reads “We don’t make news. We mock it.” It now shows that you can now get good and returning traffic to your blog on regular basis with Fark. So register your free account on fark and submit your blog post link and get traffic from Fark.

10. Tagza

This website also works like SlashDot. With it, you can submit your blog post and get quality readers for your blog. I got good traffic from tagza on regular basis.

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