3 Basic Internet Security Rules That You Must Keep for Good Internet Experience


Internet Connectivity Rules

In everything we do in life, there will certainly be one rule or the other that guides the usage of such thing. This rules issue also applies to internet security, there are many rules that pertain to internet usage even this time where there are many hackers on the internet, hacking and hijacking lots of many internet users data and important file that worth a lot to the owner. Imagine, for hacker to steal and take over someone’s stock account or if they eventually hack through someone’ online banking account, we all know that they (internet hackers or hijackers) are human being like use but merciless in nature.

Whenever internet hackers has successfully hack someone’ account, they don’t request for any ransom to release what they have stole away from you unless if they are going to add more to what they have get from you going further to hack more of your accounts online. For this reasons, you be very vigilant about all your account both on the internet and off the internet (offline).

In this article today, we shall be learning more about several ways in which you can use to stay afloat of been hacked on the internet so as to protect your online account and others.

And this habits of their humble self helps most of internet hackers in order to cage them by giving them “rush-offers”; offer that they can’t reject-something like, would you get this $50k dollars tonight, enter and see… imagine, this type of offer, how on earth is that possible to make $50k in just one night without doing a single work. You just have to be very careful when you are browsing through the internet, and also make sure that you are not greedy when surfing the internet. Greediness will certainly cost you much than what you’ll gain from practising it. Don’t go for offers that you don’t know about-offers that you see as an outrageous one.

If you don’t want to be scammed on the internet, you should avoid any adverts claiming that you’ve won a promo in which you do not participated in. if you privy of gains at all time, you may find yourself in the net of internet hackers very soon, so you must avoid being privy of getting things for free at all the time.

Get What You Need, Not What Others Wants You To Have
World wide web known as internet has proved to be an ideal place for internet users willing to buy or sell items on the internet. And for this reasons, it also creates an avenue for internet hackers to get hold of their victims in no time. They will certainly find several ways in which they can use to nail their next victims and by knowing plainly about what you need to get on the internet, you will be very sure of not falling prey to them. You should be very careful of internet any strange offers that are irresistible at the first glance because they’re one of the tools that internet hackers use to tracked down internet users in order to get their information.

Use Secured Credit Card With Limited Cash
Paying for goods on the internet isn’t that easy without a good security measure been put in place, you should make sure to use any available security methods in order to protect your account whenever you want to use credit card to pay for goods online.
You should certainly know that, your credit card details might be hacked and you need to avoid this by funding the total amount of money you wish to spend into your card.


  1. These are great tips. I worry sometimes about those gullible people who click on those advertisements(mostly are spam and scams). With the credit card frauds and other internet related crimes on the rise, it never safe to give out personal information. That is why I prefer buying things myself instead of online, I hate giving my credit card number, unless I’m entirely sure that the website is legit.

  2. Hi,
    I’m new to internet services. I’ve read lots of stuff available on different websites related to the topic. I was also searching such contents since a long time and at last I found them here. Keep it up in future also.


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