3 Blogging Secrets Onibalusi Bamidele Taught Me

Onibalusi Bamidele of YoungpreproBefore you can start anything known as blogging, there are lots of things which you need to known from earlier time before jumping in the league of bloggers and there’s no good success without a good teacher or influencer in your blogging career. Once you agree with the above short words, then it will be easier for you to kick-start your blogging career to a more rewarding end and better than to just be in the blogosphere without any impact.

I learn a lot from some successful bloggers and some of the techniques that which many of them taught me are among most of the things I’m enjoying now that has been helping me. These things are helping me in bringing the best out of myself more than trying to do what isn’t right for me to be doing in order to achieve my aim which is become a successful blogger.

On the internet as of today, barely 60% of the people know who Onibalusi Bamidele is, he developed a blog, Young Pre Pro that focuses on teaching other bloggers ways to become a successful blogger within a short period of time. Apart from living in the same country with Onibalusi, he had taught me so many things which I always points to every time to be my compass in the blogging world where I’m now and where I will still continue to be in the next couple of years to come.

Having someone beside you teaching you what you should do and what you should not do may seems not to be a valuable assets to you now but the moment you don’t get that same advice, and ideas coming your ways from that person, is the exact time when you’ll begin to discover what you have been enjoying for a very long time.

Blogging is an institution and you need a teacher to become a successful scholar, you can’t reach the top in the world of blogging if you don’t have what it takes, and that’s why it is imperative for you to have a teacher. You need a person who has passed through the same condition you are into. I have started blogging back then in 2006 but in the center of the year, I quitted because there’s no result but back in 2010, I started all over again and everything starts to work better with the advices and techniques which I used to learn from people like Pat Flynn and Onibalusi Bamidele and many more others.

I can say boldly today that I start blogging without much ideas of it, but because of the passion in becoming a successful blogger and since then, I have started  experiencing success, most of the thing that make me feel before that blogging is hard, now becomes easier for me to do.

So, in the course of my studying time, I learnt some of the things which I know is of great help to me today in putting me at the right path in the blogging world, and I’m willing to share some of those things with you so that you can use it to hone your blogging career in order to get good end results.

These are the three things I learnt from Onibalusi Bamidele and you too can learn something from it, he always talks to me in this manner:

That Blogging is all about having Focus of Success Closer

You can’t achieve anything from this world if you don’t have focus of success from the very first time you are starting. Success comes to those that have something to give up with before success can come to them and your ability to stay focused in your dealings is the best technique in reaching the better end in your blogging career.

Focusing on becoming a successful blogger should be your main aim if you want to become a real success.

That Successful Blogging Career Can’t Be Easily Achieved Without a Great Determination

Determination is the fuel that runs inside of you to help you do something extra-ordinary. It is the push in you that is telling that you can do it every minute and seconds! Determination will keep on giving you hope that you can still make it if you don’t quit. Even when many are quitting, determination will still keeps you going. You must be determined if you want success in your blogging career.

That Making Money from Blogging Shouldn’t Be My Priority

Money is the root of all evil but, of what essence of doing something when you know that you wouldn’t make anything out of it at the end? It doesn’t worth it!

You can’t fast-forward your blogging career success if you keep on focusing your mind on making money by all means. Oni told me,

“Focus on one thing that you can offer people which they are striving to get and forget making money from it at this time” and at a time, the result will come (money and others).

Forget money from the very first time and focus on adding values to other people’s lives and you will be amazed at the result you will get from this action. Not everytime do you have to focus on bloggging for money but, blog because you have something to tell the world and then, money will come.

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