3 Reasons Jail Breaking Can Cause iPhone Problem

Jailbreak is term used for iPhone and smart phones when it comes to resetting the phone and breaking it in order to be able to use some other apps on it, different from the one from the App store.

Jail breaking is the act of restoring back the application settings of your iPhone mobile from the default configuration so that the phone can be able to use any other application such as Netflix and some other apps that is not per-installed on the phone as default.

Jail breaking according to DMCA is legal in US and some other places but the owner stands a chance of losing the warranty that came with the iPhone device if the owner jailbreak it.

Jail breaking your iPhone especially the 3g iPhone jail breaking, will have either negative or positive effect on your phone if care is not taken as proper.

Today, we will be talking on the benefits you can derive from using your phone when it is jail broken. In addition, we will talk further on the disadvantages of jail breaking your iPhone device and the possible solution to the problem. Here below are reasons why it is unwise to jailbreak your iPhone device:

You Will Lose the Warranty

The warranty that is on your iPhone device will become void if your iPhone device is jail broken even in the case of newly built 3g iPhone device. Jail breaking your mobile iPhone will prevent you from enjoying some of the benefit you will get from your iPhone manufacturer such as Apple.

If you jailbreak your iPhone, your manufacturer can no longer accept that type of device in the case of damages within the warranty period because it is against their terms of services.

It will cause you to get more junks, and spend more money

When you jailbreak your iPhone device, it will happen that you will lose more money as fast as possible than when you are using it with the normal settings from your manufacturer. In this situation, you will discover that you are able to get more applications on your mobile PC, you will be able to download just anything you wants and with this it will be very easy for you to download file application that have worm too because there is nothing that is totally save online.

Everything that your manufacturer factory setting prevents to run on your phone are files and application that can make you to lose more money –they are bandwidth stealing applications. This is one of the reasons why your phone manufacturer prevents them from working but immediately you jail broken your phone, those thing starts to work on the phone and make the phone to eats more bandwidth and memory space.

Mobile phone producing company like Apple have customer money protection policies that help them make their customers to spend as little as possible but the moment you restore back your iPhone to the default settings, you’ll lose most of this features and forfeit most of the benefits that you’re entitled to as an iPhone users.

Damages is Inevitable

Jail breaking iPhone device can cause damage to the device especially if you don’t know how to do it or you give it to someone who is not an expert in doing it.

Modification to your iPhone root folder can cause the phone to start malfunctioning and misbehaving if the jail breaking task is handled by someone who doesn’t know much about it (this is one of the reasons why you should contact experts when trying to jailbreak your iPhone). At times, the person that helps you in jail breaking your iPhone device can use virus-infected computer that can also infect your iPhone and make it to start malfunctioning.

It is wise to think of this before you go for iPhone jailbreak (e.g. new 3gs jailbreak, or 3g jailbreak). Knowing fully about what you are going to lose and what you’ll gain from jail breaking your iPhone will help you a lot in figuring out the right move than to do it out of sheer pressure.


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