3 Tips for Writing Blog Posts that Get Shared

This guest post was written by Onibalusi Bamidele of Youngprepro.com. He shares tips for writing blog posts that get people sharing it.

The internet has created an opportunity for anybody from any part of the world to be able to write content that is read by thousands of people from all over the world, irrespective of where they fellow is writing from. While that is a great opportunity for anybody who is interested, the problem with it is that so many bloggers try writing for years without getting results, and as a result end up in frustration.

If you’ve been writing content on your blog that no one is reading, and you’re ready to take a step further to start writing what everybody wants to read, this article will be giving you 3 tips to help you write blog posts everybody want to read and share.

Focus on Creating Attractive Titles

When it comes to creating content that gets shared it is important to let your key focus be on writing attractive titles that make people want to read your blog. While it is important to focus on writing and presenting your content well, in most cases, very few people will read your content if you don’t have the right titles.

A lot of bloggers spend very little time on their titles, and at the end they come up with poor titles that don’t create interest in readers about their content. The reality is that your readers come across a lot of articles every day, and they eventually become confused as to which article to read. It is your duty as a blogger to work on crafting great titles that tells them the importance of your content and what they might be missing by not reading it.

Try to spend more time on your titles, and you will be amazed at how much influence a great title can have on your content.

Feature Experts in Your Articles and tell them about it

This particular tactic can be very useful if properly used, and the great thing about it is that it often requires you to do little to no writing to get results.

If you’re blogging about a subject, there is every probability that there are experts in your field who have a lot to share. You can easily quote one or two experts in your field in an article you write. You can also gather a list of around 10 or more experts to ask them a question that will be compiled into a blog post, and you can do an interview of two or more experts into the same post. Once any of these posts is live, send it to the expert you featured and ask them to share it – in most cases, they will be very happy to help you spread the word.

Use clear Call to Actions to Encourage People to Share Your Content

Another thing you need to realize is that, in most cases, a lot of your readers won’t just share your content after they finish reading it. That doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy it, it is sometimes their instinct and what they are used to. You can easily get more response to every article you write by telling them to spread the word about your article by using a clear call to action below every article you have published.

Most people only need you to tell them to share your content, and by using clear call to actions you will be able to get the kind of response you desire.

Onibalusi has been writing for his blog and clients for years now, and he is happily sharing his best writing tips on his blog. He also has a special article dedicated to teaching people how to write introductions.

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