4 Ways to Avoid Experiencing a Degrading Broadband Internet

If you had been using a real high speed internet connection service over the years, you won’t feel comfortable using a slow and degrading internet connection like dial up. There are, however, some factors that can make your high speed broadband become degrading and poor in performance.

When your broadband starts performing slow, your productivity output will be altered. But this could be avoided if we avoid doing some wrong things and also do the right things at the right time. Below, I will share tips that will help you optimize your internet connection usability.

Avoid Visiting Sites You Don’t Know About

Users are fond of doing many funny things with their internet connection which is often referred to as exploring; visiting websites they know nothing about being one of them! If you are fund of visit just any website you heard of or you are fund of clicking links to websites you don’t know about on the web, you may be surprised at what dangers may follow such acts.

When I was on a vacation in one African country at the start of my discount coupon blog where I talk about Allurez Coupon and Diamonds International Coupon, I was reading an article on Problogger.net and I followed a link from there to Craiglist. My IP was banned immediately, and when I contacted my ISP, I was made to understand that my IP was banned for attempting fraud! How could that be? It was later that I discovered that many people from that country do scam people on Craiglist, and so trying to visit the site with their connection service will only lead to them banning your IP address.

Use Proxy Tunneling Sites/Programs

Another way to avoid having bad experiences using a broadband is by using a proxy tunneling program to mask you IP address. There are some sites that won’t work well with your current IP address, but do you know that with the right proxy tunneling software or website, you can visit any website you like on the internet?

If you are experiencing difficulties visiting particular websites with your current internet connection, you can try out proxy tunneling programs like Tor, India web proxy or Your-freedom.net.

Avoid Overloading Your Internet Connection

Overloading your internet connection might cause you to have bad experiences using it to surf the web. You won’t want to be found in a situation where you’ll have to restart your computer or have to wait for longer periods than usual just because your connection has been overworked.

Your internet connection will become overloaded if you open too many tabs on a single web browser at a given time, if you are downloading multiple files at once or if your computer is downloading an update from the internet while you are still running too many tabs at once. Try to avoid these from occurring, and you will enjoy every bit of your broadband connection.

Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Viruses can be bad and terrible at the same time. There are lot of troubles you can run into if you are not making sure your computer is protected from viruses and spywares. One of the most dreaded ways a virus can affect your internet connection is by uploading your browsing history and caches to unsolicited individuals on the internet– usually the programmers of the virus.

You have to make sure your computer is highly secured from any form of virus infection. Secure a strong and reliable antivirus program for your computer and make sure it’s always up to date.

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