Top 5 Best Computer Tips and Tricks for 2011

Best Computer Tips and Tricks 2011

The moment you know how computer works, everything else will become easier for you to do. Today, I’m sharing with you a guest post by a friend of mine. The post will be pointing at ways you can use to protect and prevent your computer from damages and how to make better use of it in the long run without stress. The 5 best computer tips for 2011 which this guy wrote is really great and it is full with useful ideas to help you increase your computer’s efficiency over a period of time.

Reducing heat 

Some people use the computer for many hours, due to this computer becomes over heated. Over heat is not good for your computer as it runs slowly. To avoid this problem one should have free flow of air to their computers like some people removes the casing cover so that air will flow freely. Another way is to buy extra fan and connect to computer casing. It is very easy to connect extra fan, just you need to tight with provided screw and connect to extra power supply cable. The third method is to maintain very low room temperature by using AC or air coolers so that heat generated by the computer can be cooled and make the computer to run sufficiently.


Scanning of Virus and removing

Virus can enter into your computer in two ways. One way is from your external storage like pen drives, external hard disk, flash drive, and diskette. Secondly, it can enter from internet. Your computer should always have antivirus installed in it that will protect from all unwanted programs. If you buy brand new computer it should be pre-installed with antivirus program. You can also use free and trial version of antivirus program like Avira, Avast, AVG or etc, which you can download from internet and install them in your computer. Installing antivirus program is not enough to protect your computer. You should also update the antivirus on daily bases so it can detect and remove virus present in the system as well as new virus. If you are unable to update your antivirus on daily bases, then better switch on automatic mode so that it can automatically update on daily bases when you connect internet to your computer.

Disk Defragmentation

When you copy, paste, create or delete a file from your computer then it will make your computer fragment. In simpler terms fragmentation means files are written in various locations in your hard disk. So that computer takes longer time to search those files to run and create empty space in between the files. To fulfill these gaps defragmentation of your disk drive is required.

To perform disk defragmentation, go to C: drive, go to ‘Properties’, ‘Tools’ tab then you can see ‘Defragmentation’. Click on it then wait until finish. The more files on your hard disk the longer it take to finish.

Drive scan disk

Drive scan disk is similar to defrag, where operating system repairs bad sector and so on. It will work like medical check up to your computer.

To access, go to C: drive, go to properties, tools bar, and chick “ERROR CHECKING” tab and system will ask for restart in order to run full scan disk.

Controlling user Account

Windows computer operating system can create multiple users in one computer.  Your computer may share with your family members or you can share via Local Area Networks (LAN) or WI-FI.  You can manage these by user accounts, go to ‘control panel’, ‘User Accounts’. You will be safe and stable once you limit user activities on your computer account by specifying them as guest or an administrator or Limited user.  These account settings can be done by owner of the computer which he as complete access to his computer.

This is a guest post by LookMore Daniel who loves to teach people internet security tips and some other computer tricks online. He also love reading list of top internet security software in his spare time on his blog in order to share the information with his readers.


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  1. NIKKI Avatar

    Even though most concentrate on all other aspects, they would have missed the fan/cooling.Nice tips and tricks shared Daniel. keep them comin bro,,,.

    1. techatlast Avatar

      I will bro!

      Thanks for your addition. This helps and keeps me going 🙂

  2. Priyangshu Avatar

    Nice post buddy ! Going to perform all these tricks on my pc !

    1. techatlast Avatar

      Welcome..nice 🙂

  3. Gaurang Avatar

    Really great tips for keeping the computer processing fast and updated. Especially the heat reducing one as my laptop faces a lot of problem after its heated up.

    1. techatlast Avatar

      Thanks Gaurang for your comment. Heat is one of the problems of computer especially laptops.

  4. Ahsan Avatar

    These are basic tips for a PC user. But one must know it. Thanks for share

    1. techatlast Avatar

      Thanks a lot for sharing your comment. 🙂

  5. Mitch Ribak Avatar
    Mitch Ribak

    Right advice to avoid overheating the computer. Removing the case is a good option and no doubt there’s no option better than an AC to cool off. Those who run computers for long hours need to practice these safety tips for safety measures.

    1. techatlast Avatar

      Thanks Mitch for your tips 🙂

  6. Greg Avatar

    Hey guys, what are your suggestions on the best free anti virus software you can get?

  7. best laptops Avatar
    best laptops

    I am planning to buy a laptop and found this article.I liked the specifications and i will buy it for myself.Thanks for the article.

  8. techbase Avatar

    very useful info. it is best to put them to practice regularly.

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