The 5 Essential Parts Of Quality Content To Promote Your Blog

Content is king and writing quality content can make a whole lot of difference.

If you know how to churn out the right words, place them where they should be and speak to the reader exactly the way they want it, your chances of succeeding online is one foot ahead.

In writing your content, there are some essential add-ons you need to incorporate. Often, we neglect these parts but they are the foundations for productive content marketing. Whatever you write has no effect until you market it.

But marketing doesn’t come by itself; you need to initiate it, work on it and continually explore the secrets behind effective content marketing. Learn the five essential parts of quality content below; use it and multiply your return on investment creatively.

Steps to Write Quality Content Always

How to Write Quality Content for the Readers

1. Readability

The first thing about your content is that it should be readable. How would you feel when a potential customer finds it difficult to read your content?

Creating a powerful article is not an easy task, especially for those who are not writing-inclined. You need proper research, time to brainstorm ideas and some extra time for writing and proofreading.
Your ability to simplify your contents is the bedrock of success in this industry. Leave plenty of white spaces in between your content, break down your paragraphs and make them shorter. Use bulleted points and sub-headings.

2. Portability

Depending on your niche and the prospects you’re targeting, you would want to make your content as portable as you can. When your content is too long or lengthy, you bore your readers every time.

Reading on the internet is quite different from offline reading.
People are looking for quick tips, shortcuts and those easy steps to do something. Deliver immediately on the purpose of your content and don’t beat about the bush. If you promise to teach “7 ways to drive traffic, or five tips to get rid of bad breath health problem, then start with your #1 way right after the introduction.

3. Durability

How long is your content going to last?

When I first started marketing online, I wrote a couple of articles to promote my coupon blog. By the time I checked the top 10 rankings within the first month, none of these articles appeared.
For your content to remain viable, useful and efficient in the long-run, you need to promote it. Don’t stop at writing and publishing alone – you’ve got more work to do and that’s where “content marketing” comes in.

Keep building relevant links to your web pages. Share on social networking sites and don’t forget to write unique articles on that same topic. All these would help your content become durable and viable.

4. Usability

This part is the most important aspect of content marketing. When you’re writing online, the sole purpose is to solve problems, add value to life or create a new concept to help others grow a business.

You’re not writing for yourself and that’s why people need to use what you’ve got. But when your content lacks the onion and seasoning, how would others utilize it? Whatever content you write that doesn’t add a cubit to the reader’s life, you’ve failed.
You may not have the privilege to travel the world over, but you can touch a significant percent of the world via your write ups. Have the end goals in mind and work backward. Your content would improve without much deliberate investment.

5. Share-Ability

Can your content be shared?

These days of fiercer competition, you need more arms to speed up your blog’s promotion. You can’t achieve so much all by yourself. When other people join you, you could grow geometrically.

Until your content carries that powerful concept and unquantifiable information, no reader or visitor would be interested to give you a pat on the shoulder. Let others share your content on twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

This can be the fastest content marketing system that ever existed. It may not come to you on a platter, but gaining a deep knowledge of your niche could make a big difference.

Give Your Content A Punch

Once your content is live, the next thing you’ve to do is to index it. There are several sites that Google spider crawls every minute, the reason is because these sites always have fresh contents.

Get your fresh published link on these sites and help boost your index-rate. Digg, Technorati, Zimbio etc. are great sites to get a juicy indexing faster. See you at the top!

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