5 Fun Apps for The Kindle Fire – Top Kindle Fire Apps

The Kindle Fire from Amazon came out a few weeks ago and many will be getting one for Christmas as a gift. Maybe you. The cool thing about the Kindle Fire and any tablet is filling them up with loads of cool and fun apps. Below we highlight five such fun apps for the Kindle Fire and since the tablet is an Android device all the apps below are Android apps from the Amazon Android store.

There won’t be much that you can’t get or add to your Kindle Fire, everything from music to games and all else in between is available from what we can tell. Share your favorite apps by letting us know your personal top five below in the comment area.Kindle Fire Apps

1. Pandora

One of the most popular apps for the iPad is Pandora. Guess which device next will become a BIG proponent of the music streaming service? Correct. The Kindle Fire from Amazon. With a built-in MP3 player and the ability to listen to music on the go, Pandora is prime for the taking when it comes to music streaming on your Kindle Fire. Download this free app and carry a library of music as big as Donald Trump’s ego.

2. Netflix

Although many unsubscribed from Netflix after a recent outrage over increased fees, it’s still the service to beat when it comes to movie streaming. The full color screen of the Kindle Fire was made with videos and movies in mind, not too mention it’s the perfect size for portable movie watching. With that in mind, Netflix has a free Kindle Fire app which will enable you to view your chosen flicks on the Amazon tablet.

3. Words With Friends

This game which I believe started on Facebook has become incredibly popular with millions of users playing and sharing words. What fun. Well as a new Kindle Fire owner you can play Words with Friends on a 7 inch screen versus the smaller iPhone screen. This game app is free.

4. Hulu Plus

The popular movie streaming service also has a PRO version which is called Hulu Plus and you can now experience movies and TV shows on your Kindle Fire with this app. You still have to pay for the monthly Hulu Plus service, but the app itself is free. This app is great for those long wait times at the DMV, your doctors office, school detention, etc.

5. Adobe

This free app allows you to view PDF docs with ease, even make annotations. The app provides an enhanced experience for small screens, the zooming in on your PDF docs and also sharing via email attachments. Perfect app for business professionals and web writers.

All of these can be found via a simple search on the Amazon app store or via your Kindle Fire device itself. All are free and easy to download and use right away. Hope you found a fun app or two for your Kindle Fire and feel free to tell us below in the comment area – which one app should we have mentioned on our list?

Guest article by Missy who works for Broadband Expert, a high speed internet provider.

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