Top 6 HostGator Alternatives with Good Service Delivery and Support

If you have a web site on the Internet then there is no chance that you do not know about the web hosting service provider called HostGator. It has been one of the most successful service renderer and although the company has its headquarters in the US, they are providing their services to close to 200 countries across the globe.

The company is reputed and is known all over the world. But in the recent years, many budding web hosting service companies have been giving tough competition to HostGator. And truthfully, of recent, hostgator has gone below the pecking order in service delivery and customer services when it comes to giving my own humble and sincere opinion.

“They have not been actively working towards their customer’s business lately, but instead, they are more focused on the customer’s pocket!”

In case you have had similar negative experience with HostGator, and you are looking for a good web hosting service to replace Hostgator, then here are the top 5 hostgator alternatives.

Top 5 HostGator alternatives with good service delivery and support


hostgator alternativesYou may wonder how come that I included iFastNet in my hostgator alternatives list, while there may be some other amazing and highly sophisticated hosting service providers out there to be listed. When it comes to world-class hosting service delivery – I have my reasons to choose them above others. They are quite simple.

iFastNet, popularly known and recognized as Secure Signup or ByetHost, is a high-performance medium-sized hosting company with large database of happy customers all over the world, all vying to be served by there responsive support system. We’ve been with iFastNet for over five good years; they’ve always been there and hardly failed us, even at times when things seems to go awry, the support is right on hand to come in to help. If you’re just starting out and want to have peace of mind with your small business website hosting with little or no technical know-how, then get in touch with the guys at iFastNet web hosting service. They sure gonna help you, they offer the most cheapest of hosting service in the industry.


Bluehost is a web hosting provider that was opened under the name of HostMonster in 1996. The company is older than HostGator but they too started providing their services under the name of Bluehost in the year 2002. The main features of this web hosting company are unlimited bandwidth, hosting space etc. The price charged by Bluehost is slightly higher than the other web hosting companies that are present in the market and the main reason behind this is the fact that they have a set of professionals who take care of all their dealings and thus there will not be a chance to complain.

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DreamHost is yet another web hosting service that is present in the market that is a good alternative to HostGator. It is a US based company that was opened in 1997 and it has a huge chunk of the web hosting market with respect to the number of domains that have been hosted till date. The company provides it services in many countries across the globe.

The main features of this web hosting service are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited domains etc. But the noteworthy feature is that it has the MYSQL5 integration that other web hosting services usually don’t have. Pricing of the services rendered are moderate and this is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

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GoDaddy is one web hosting service that is expanding at an exponential rate and the main reasons behind this are reasonable pricing of the services and the quality of the services that are being provided. The company has been accredited by ICANN and the prices that the company charges are a whopping 70% less than the actual price in the market.

The main features of this web hosting service are comprehensive hosting solutions, Web site creation tools, Secure SSL certificates, personalized email with spam etc. Also there are many value added services that are present and this adds to the goodwill of the site.

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Those on the look out for a reliable and reasonably priced web hosting service Just Host is sure to provide instant gratification. There are different plans that are available with this service and they are all designed to suit different needs. The service will help you get your free domain for the rest of your life and the customer service of the company is superb.

The main features of this web hosting service are unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts etc. Also, since the pricing is competitive, the company has managed to make a name for itself.

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HostClear is a web hosting site that will suit personal as well as business users and the USP of this company is the overall support that they provide to their customers that makes the service a hit. Thus people with little or no experience of building a site will do so easily.

The main features of HostClear are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and countless domains. These features along with a sensible pricing make the company an absolute hit and is considered to be tough competition for HostGator.


These top five hostgator alternatives are one way better than the other. You need to look up in great detail to know the service that suits your needs before you decide the company that you will be dealing with. We’re just trying to provide factual information to lead you into choosing the most reliable and responsible hostgator alternatives for your small business.

I know there are other interesting hostgator alternatives out there which I might have missed in the build-up to this article, I’d like if you could point me toward them. I will personally order a trial or paid account to try them in my next research, and ultimately update this article accordingly. Please stay subscribed to TECHATLAST for more interesting hands-on information like this.

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34 responses to “Top 6 HostGator Alternatives with Good Service Delivery and Support”

  1. Jon G. Avatar
    Jon G.

    The bottom line is that you’d get what you paid for when it comes to web hosting. We have numerous of clients who after awhile decided to move their web sites/blogs to another hosting companies away from Hostgator. Then they’ll ask us to why their sites/blogs were downed at certain times of the week, or their sites/blogs slow to connect or they were no longer to have certain features what they used to have. Anyhow, from your list, I would only recommend BlueHost as alternative web hosting other than Host Gator.

  2. Gaurang Avatar

    Godaddy is not a good inclusion in my opinion. Using iPage from quite a while and I think it is also a great alternative to HostGator.

  3. WebHostingLikes Avatar

    I agree that Godaddy is not a good choice. Although I haven’t been with them in almost a decade I’ve still heard enough bad things in recent years. BlueHost is the best alternative in your list IMO.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yeah, I recommend Bluehost and HostGator..

      1. David Vilicos Avatar
        David Vilicos

        Definitely suggest BlueHost. The rest are sketchy at best.

  4. Jasmine Avatar

    These are all good web hosting companies. I like Bluehost and HostGator too.

  5. David Thomas Avatar
    David Thomas

    Thank you so much as you providing this informative post about some other Hostgator alternatives. I personally do not like them either, they collect my money and didn’t deliver as promised. And the worst part of it is that there customer support is the worst in the industry of late.

    I love your article and comparison. 🙂

  6. Shri Avatar

    I would only recommend BlueHost as alternative web hosting other than Host Gator.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hmmmm! But it seems Bluehost has been messing up with its customer orientation these days. The support is okay but their terms aren’t made known publicly until you signed the agreements. I had a personal experience, though. But still, I’m still using them for one of my projects.

      Thanks Shri for commenting here. Glad to have you around contributing your own quota so as not to mislead people. Kudos! 🙂

  7. Ikechi Avatar

    This is good information but it will be cool if you write top hostgator alternatives in Nigeria

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hi Ikechi.

      We’ll put that on the card. Thanks for sharing your ideas with our team. We appreciate your contribution so far, it has been critical, keeping up with that will eventually turn TechAtLast to a more useful, helpful and an important portal for everyone.


  8. lissa Avatar

    Its really a good article.

  9. Minhaz Uddin Avatar
    Minhaz Uddin

    Great post. It help me for purchase domain name and hosting. Thanks

  10. Muhammad Danish Avatar
    Muhammad Danish

    godaddy is much better but its little bit expensive , thanks for sharing with us i will try another hosting like bluehost may b its cheap n good

  11. James Fossil Avatar
    James Fossil

    This is great. Thank you – I’ve been using Hostgator since I started making live sites. I’ve used GoDaddy twice, but had too much trouble with them, their servers went down several times on me, so switched to Hostgator. Never had any problems with them. Although, some of the alternatives you express seem pretty reliable (might try some of them). At the moment I’m using them for my ticket website.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Hey James, glad to see you here.

  12. Jeniffer Cartet Avatar
    Jeniffer Cartet

    Great article. Contains very valuble information.Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  13. Lucy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. Every customer considers good service and support.

  14. Lucy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. i like your services and support.

  15. johny Avatar

    Thanks for sharing useful knowledge. nice article

  16. Akshay naik Avatar

    Thank you so much as you providing this informative post about some other Hostgator alternatives. I personally do not like them either, they collect my money and didn’t deliver as promised. And the worst part of it is that there customer support is the worst in the industry of late.

  17. Akshat Verma Avatar
    Akshat Verma

    I think Bluehost is an excellent alternative to hostgator. Their hosting and support is really top notch.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Bluehost is just like HG but they are kind of better than HostGator in so many ways…customer support is better of recent. Don’t know what they might do tomorrow. 😀

  18. amy Avatar

    I haven’t tried all of the hosts on your list, but a word of caution about the supposedly reliable “Just Host” who I recently moved away from because there was so much down time and so many problems. At one point they accidentally deleted my whole site when they were doing maintenance or something, and they didn’t notice. I was on holiday at the time and not checking the site daily, so it wasn’t until I got home to a bevy of “are you out of business” messages from friends that I found out what had happened. They a lot more reliable than some out there, but still no where near as reliable as I wanted and expected them to be for the money!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      That’s kind of difficult situation…I experienced something similar with HostGator awhile ago. But they are gone from my web hosting history….

  19. Pooja Sharma Avatar
    Pooja Sharma

    Wow.. Great News, it helps people a lot to know which hosting service providers are hostgator alternatives….thanks.
    Thanks Again..

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Okay Pooja…I love you!

  20. Rajan Verma Avatar
    Rajan Verma

    Hi Admin,

    Nice Post. Thanks for sharing information.

  21. Nikhil Ganotra Avatar
    Nikhil Ganotra

    Great List of top web hosting companies. I generally recommend everyone to use hostgator due to ultimate facilities and support.

    Thanks for sharing this great list. Truly appreciate your efforts 🙂

  22. manicool Avatar

    Thanks for sharing such informative article.. Keep sharing. I was fed up with hostgator.

  23. Bren Lee Avatar
    Bren Lee

    Great lists of hosts above! I was with Bluehost for several years until a friend recommended a new host. I was up for the challenge and switched. What a big mistake that way! Fast forward to now, I am happy to say I’ve been with Site5 for quite some time now and I absolutely love them! They have been very helpful from day 1 and their customer service is superb imo. Thank you for sharing this info! I’ll gladly pass along.


  24. Sankar Avatar

    I Think Godaddy is the best! Bluehost is also an recommended one!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Welcome here Sankar… 🙂

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