5 Interesting iPad Apps That Might Be Useful For Travellers

The iPad is one of the most sought after mobile gadgets in the market today. So in-demand is the iPad that even kids wish Santa Claus would bring it as their Christmas Gift. In an effort to bridge the gap between functionality and need, industry giants Apple released the iPad, a mobile device that appeals to just about any social group today, whether it is that avid traveller who just can’t seem to get things organized, or a student who needs to keep the notes and all updated resources at hand, or that teenager who just can’t get enough of chatting with friends and family on social media, or that gamer who is lost without his favourite game on hand.


Following are list of 5 of the most convenient and handy iPad apps designed with the traveller in mind.

interesting ipad apps for 2011

Google Maps

This is by far the best iPad Apps in the whole world. This is an app that comes pre-installed in the device and will come in handy when in a strange city and are confused about directions and routes to take. Among so many other things, Google Maps has public transport directions for almost all major cities of the world, and there is also the provision of satellite view.


This app will help you explore leading hotels of the city where you are in, and you get to access such things as amenities, location, prices, reviews, and so many photos and images of the hotels. You can be able to plan your dream vacation with the all-handy Explore Feature, one that shows you the destinations that you can fly to with your set budget. Kayak is a personalized iPad application from the Kayak Software Corp.

The Weather Channel Max

This is an application for iPad travellers which give a comprehensive coverage of hourly weather forecasts, updated pollen forecasts, fully customizable radar maps, Doppler radar, full screen directional maps, and a comprehensive video library that provides real time twitter feeds.

Wi-Fi Finder

Living at this time and age, surfing the internet when travelling has become second nature to most people, allowing them to stay connected and updated with family and friends. Unless you have been in the same destination before, finding a nearby Wi-Fi location on a new city can be very difficult. Thanks to this app, the GPS function will help you to quickly locate and fine any Wi-Fi location near you, and goes further to advice you on how to get there.


It is also very difficult to find somewhere to eat when away on a new city, especially if you are still on your way to your travel destination. Thanks to the Urbanspoon apps on the ipad, you will be able to locate the best places near you where you can a sumptuous and delectable dinner while on the go. The best thing about this app is that it can show you all restaurants within the city that you are looking at, and how to get there, making your work very easy.

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