5 Unique Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

The journey of a blogger in the blogosphere without good readership for his blog is a complete failure as blogging is concerned. You as a blogger cannot make any improvement in your blogging career if you don’t know how to get quality traffic to your blog on daily basis.

By learning tips on how to get returning visitors to your blog, you will be able to drive quality and keyword targeted visitors to your blog both from search engines and many other traffic generation sources available.

In this blog post, we shall be talking on 5 unique ways you can use to drive regular blog reading traffic to your dearly blog in less time without giving yourself much stress.

You Can Experience This, Do What Is Right!

Write Consistently and Regularly, befriend search engines

If your site is not attracting visitors as it supposed to be doing, the reason may be because your website is not well know by google as a good service providing site, they haven’t sees you as an authority in your niche and for this reason, you have to write as much as you can so that google spider can crawl your post and pages. The very moment your website get noticed by google web crawler, it will become very easier for any of your blog post to be listed on google homepage whenever someone searches for the keyword that’s in the post and this will cause your blog to start getting more quality web traffic mainly from search engines.

Remember that traffic from search engine is the mostly important for your online success because they’re highly targeted, they are the people that are looking for what you are saying, they the ones that are mostly ready to take action on your words, they are those people that are willing to opt-in into your mailing list once you know how to make them do so and some other things. So, take time to build search engine friendly website which is mostly capable of providing you much more traffic than any other source. If you know how to make search engines spiders to become your website friend, then there is nothing that can affect you from getting more traffic to your blog and the best way to do this is to write awesome keyword rich contents on your blog and don’t stuff your post with keywords.

Blog Commenting Rocks, but do it Smartly

Taking time to read other people’s blog and commenting smartly on such blog post is a great way to drive awesome traffic to your blog without you having to go through much stress in getting traffic to your blog. It doesn’t end here, you can also use some of other tips mentioned below by combining them together.

One advice on this is that you must not abuse the system by just commenting on blogs without you first take time to read the blog post to get the idea of what the writer is trying to say before you submit your comment on it. By reading the blog post before commenting on it, you will be able to add value to the readers of the blog and in return, they too will check over your blog to read more about you and can later even turn to become your regular blog reader for life.

Free Giveaways Are Killer Traffic Generation Technique

Create free giveaways that is very hard to ignore so that your website visitors can be able to participate in order to win the prize stated in the offer and by this, you can inform them to share, bookmark, and send your blog post to their friends before they can be able to get the prize which you put on the offer and in no time you will begin to start seeing lots of traffic rushing to your blog to read and participate in the offer.

If you want to use this strategy, make sure that you are not giving them what they can easily get somewhere else as the prize for participating but instead, you can buy a high valued information product that is very scarce to see which you know that can add more value to their lives and offer them.

Guest Posting Is Hard But, It Is One the Best

If you hate writing, you better quit blogging because you will not be able to get more visitors to your blog if you don’t know how to get more traffic to your blog post with the help of guest posting.

What is guest posting? Guest posting is a way whereby you as a blogger write quality blog post and submit it for another blog to publish in order to get an anchor text from the post. Even in more context, guest posting can be easily define by Onibalusi Bamidele who is known as the king of guest posting, he had wrote more than 500+ guest post for many other top blogs on the internet for the past eight months, so you should know what it entails.

Social Media Interaction, The Goldmine In Traffic Generation Technique

Apart from getting traffic from using guest posting, writing quality post, blog commenting and giveaways, another awesome way that can assure you of getting more traffic to your blog or website overnight is the use of social media sites like facebook, twitter, myspace and others.

To dominate your niche while using this strategy, you can create a special fan page for your business and allow your friends to be able to like your page and from then on, they will be receiving your posts and updates on their wall which can make them to jump over the link to your blog for more information.

One more point here, if you want to use this tips of creating social pages, make sure that you didn’t spam the system so that you will be free from the axe. Of the respective services, facebook for example hates people advertising links on their wall every time without offering good services and they believe that if at all you need aggressive advertisement at all cost, that you should go to their ads page and create one for a fee. So, you must know that this social sites also are businesses to their respective owners, try to follow their TOS and you are on the way to getting loads of quality traffic from the source.

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