6 apps for home management: Be a pro at organizing your time, schedule and chores

Busy adults who divide their time between work, home and kids can find it difficult to remember all the tasks that need to be accomplished for home management and organization. If you find yourself forgetting things on the mental to-do list more often than you’d like to admit, some helpful and fun reminders might help you get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Many web-based and mobile organizational methods are available to busy parents and homeowners, and the use of task management apps is one method that appeals to those who enjoy simplicity and accessibility. These apps can help you efficiently complete tasks so you have time left over to spend with your family.

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Apps for home management and organization

Digital Locker. It’s important for homeowners to take inventory of their personal property, should a claim ever need to be filed following property damage or theft. Writing everything down and storing the document and photos in a safe place can be cumbersome, but Digital Locker makes the task simple. Use this app to take inventory of your home, organize items by category or room-by-room and store pictures or video for reference.

Home Routines. A sea of Post-it notes can be overwhelming, but an app to help you remember important daily and weekly routines gets the job done. Home Routines helps you plan, schedule, manage and review daily and weekly tasks such as chores, menu-planning and exercise time. You can also keep up with the various schedules of your family members to easily plan quality time.

You Rule Chores. Household tasks are the responsibility of every family member, and You Rule Chores makes kids’ share of chores more fun and appealing. This app turns doing chores into a game. Children can choose their own character in the app and once their chores are complete, they receive game points used for upgrading their character. Instead of complaining about their chores, your children will enjoy the incentives the app offers.

Honey Do. If your partner currently shies away from the to-do list you posted on the refrigerator, things could change for the better with the Honey Do app. This app helps you plan, coordinate and communicate any projects your family needs to finish. Get everyone in on the action by setting up a group for each project. Once this is done, tasks can be assigned and checked off as they’re accomplished.

Mint. No matter how organized your home is, you’ll still face household stress if finances are a mess. Use Mint to record purchases and other transactions, check bank balances, create a household budget and keep tabs on your income.

Google Calendar. Maintain your sanity and manage each family member’s schedule with one calendar. Google Calendar helps you sync schedules, appointments and important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. The app allows you to review your calendar by day, week or month. Rather than having to wait until you get home to check the calendar by the door, Google Calendar allows you to carry your schedule everywhere.

Better home management means less stress

As you run your home more efficiently, the sense of security and organization you gain will naturally lead to a reduction in stress. The apps suggested here will help you tend to your tasks by providing guidance and simple-to-use organizational tools that can turn drudgery into fun. Get the whole family involved to streamline family tasks and maximize the time you can spend relaxing and having fun together.

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    Surely gotta give a try to those apps (besides Google calendar which I assume every tech-saw guy is using). Lovely post, thanks.

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