7 Cool Freebie Sites And Services You Should Know About

Human nature is by design addicted to free stuff but who would blame us. Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t wished at least once a day to be able to get something without having to pay for it. It is no wonder Gmail, Youtube and the like have become so popular and a significant part of our daily lives. However these major players are not the only people offering something for free online. There are many other covering specific niches and most are free, in full or in part, and that is convenient enough to keep us coming back every other day.7 cool free websites to get free services online

Here are seven of these sites that have something free to offer:

1. Bloove.com
Synchronizing your computer and your PC or any other device has never been easier than this. Forget about bluetooth, infrared and cables. Just go to Bloove.com to get started on the easiest synchronizing experience. You can also restore and back your data or even edit your contacts. Can it get any better than this? Yes, it’s absolutely free!

2. IconWanted.com
Website owners will agree with me when I say that icons are pretty convenient things to have lying around your site. However it’s not enough to just have any icon lying around; a good icon must have the proper appeal that would make a visitor to the site want to click on it. Most of us are however lacking in the design skills needed to produce this and that’s why iconwanted.com exists. This site currently offers over 14000 different icons for your site and they are all available free of charge.

3. SideJobTrack.com
Keeping track of all the financial details of your many side jobs can be a bit of a hustle and that is why sidejobtrack.com is available to do all your side accounting for you. This service is free and well suited for contractors who take on many side jobs or part-time jobs.

4. RememberTheMilk.com
With this application in your iPad, iPhone, PDA or phone, you have finally run out of excuses for forgetting the milk or anything else for that matter. Rememberthemilk.com is an online calendar and scheduler and that means that you will finally never have to forget anything unless you planned to forget it. The service also allows you to make to-do lists and this is all free.

5. TwitBacks.com
Once you get tired of the same old blue on your twitter profile, it’s probably time that you paid a visit to Twitbacks.com. This site enables you to make free backgrounds for your twitter profile. You can also change the looks of other stuff on your account and as a plus you can add the links to your other accounts in other social networks.

6. HootSuite
Managing popularity is so hard. It’s even harder if you are popular on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ all at the same time. How do you manage all this? By going to Hootsuite.com and checking out their service that will enable you to work simultaneously with all the social networking sites. There is a free service and a paid one if you wish to explore the advanced features. It also has iPhone app.

7. MyClasses.org
Finally, a social networking site where you can actually learn something. My classes.org is a social network that is centered around getting access to classes and lessons in various things. Whether you have been meaning to learn yoga or there is a dance that you must learn before your wedding you can use myclasses.org to search for places where you can attend such classes and you get to search according to your location so it is pretty convenient. Schools, teachers and the like get a free CMS and webhosting which they can use to get their schools known.

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