7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

Surfing the internet slowly is part of frustrations most internet users faced with on regular basis while browsing the internet. How could someone pay heavily for an internet connection, only to be rendered useless or below average provision. And not only that, but unavailability when the user needs it most. It is frustrating.

Getting good internet connection nowadays is a big task, but you can’t still manage to get the best forms of internet connection, only if you know how to choose the best internet connection ISP because your internet connectivity performance depends mostly on the type of internet service provider that you’re using. But, if you’re unable to get a reliable internet service providers that you can opt for, there’s still an option for you in which you can use so as to browse the internet faster and securely.

Today, we shall be talking on several ways you can use to browse the internet faster even with your current slow internet connection (dialup in this regards).

7 Practical Methods to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

How to Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

Use Mirror Sites

One thing that’s mostly popular about experiencing difficulties in accessing some website on the net is location of the website server. If you find it difficult to access a particular website with your current internet connection either broadband or dialup internet connection, the first step you should take is to find a mirror version of the websites that you’re trying to access.

Websites like Yahoo, Facebook and Google has different mirror version that can be accessed based on your location. So, instead of lamenting that you can’t access yahoo or any other big websites, you should make sure to contact the administrator of the site and ask if they have a version of the site in your country or closer to your location. Yahoo mirror site for Canada will always looks like this @yahoo.ca. etc.

Load Few Browser Tabs

This is mostly common among internet users, they want to browse the internet faster and easily but neglect the fact that opening more than 5-10 browser tabs can slow down the speed of the connection they’re using. If you load more than 5 website browser tabs, you’ll certainly experience snail-speed internet connection because all the tabs that you opened are sharing the bandwidth that suppose to be transferred at a time once and this will have negative effects on your internet connection speed if care is not taken as fast as possible. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, chances are that you can still be able to access the web faster even when you load multiple tabs but it will boomerang in the later future for your internet connection and computer memory if you don’t avoid this behavior.

Browse Sites With Fewer Graphics

The design of website you visit also has some part to take in your easy internet browsing experience, if you loves to visit websites that has too many graphics on its homepage very soon you’ll start to experience sluggish internet access and the only way to avoid this is to make sure that you don’t visit website with too many images so that you can save your internet connection bandwidth and speed. You can forge ahead of this by using Google website trimming features to decrease the graphical image and video size that’s on a website that you’re accessing so that you can have great experience of internet.

Update Your Computer Regularly

Frequent computer update may looks too hard for you but if you can imagine the benefits that you’re going to get when browsing the internet with an updated computer to computer that’s not updated, you’ll agree with me that it worth it. You should make it as point of duty to update your computer regularly, at least, twice in a month so that you can be sure of using the internet faster because updating a computer means, to renew the strength in your computer system and thereby allowing it to perform faster than before.

Install Good Antivirus

One more ways to enjoy your internet connection performance is to have good and up to date antivirus software installed on your computer so that you can be sure of browsing the internet faster and securely. If your computer is not working perfectly, there’s great chance that your internet connection will not work as it supposed to perform. You can get take care of this by installing a reliable internet protection antivirus on your computer so that you can be able to browse the internet faster and securely.

Disable Automatic Update

Computer automatic update can help your computer in one way, to make it stay-up-to-date with latest virus attacking  tricks, but, it has a negative effects on your computer internet connection if it is enabled every time. You should make sure that your computer automatic updating is scheduled for at least twice a month by picking the day that you want it to be so that it won’t just be wasting your internet connection bandwidth.

Download Files With Good Reputation

Unhealthy downloading of internet files is not good for you if you want to keep on enjoying your internet connection. You should make sure to scan every possible files that you download from the internet. You can use WOT to scan files that you wants to download from the internet so that your computer didn’t get infected with malicious software normally came with most web files such as software application, gaming apps and others.

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