Top 7 Tips on How to Secure your Computer

How to Secure your Computer

Computer or PC security refers to protection of computer from internal and external threats like virus, spyware, Trojan horses, phishing attacks, hackers and intruders. All these threats can be caused by many methods of which internet plays the major role. The confidentiality of the data is most important aspect of the computer security. There are many methods to secure the computer from the security threats.Infected computer

Some tips are to be followed to prevent your PC from threats. Update anti-virus programme and regularly scan your computer. Operating system should be updated regularly, and a strong password should be maintained and should be changed regularly.

Avoid downloading any information from insecure websites. Disable unused windows features. Change the settings to erase the history and even address bar history. A computer has provision for information transfer from different gadgets and can be stored in the computer. These gadgets like phones, USB may aid in virus upload. Always use UPS to avoid data loss during power failure. Install anti -spyware to get rid of internet threats.

Following are some threats and measures to prevent them.


It is another big threat for internet users. Spyware enter the computer through spyware infected website. To get rid of spyware that is caused by various methods, we have to install anti-spyware software. We have to regularly scan the computer to check for the presence of spyware.

Computer viruses

Computer virus is a threat that is going rounds from many years. Even anti-virus software flooded the internet and market. But, the virus is prevalent everywhere and a slight mistake can infect your computer with the virus. A virus infected computer can transfer the virus to other connected computers. They can corrupt the data and hard drive and operating system leading to crash of the system and loss of the information or data stored.

Phishing attack

It is another recently developed threat for the online users. Hackers designed the software to steal the confidential information like passwords, credit card information, and important login passwords of emails, and chatting sites.

Firewall and system probing

If fire wall software is not installed on your computer, then there are chances that your computer can be accessed by hackers. Software or hardware firewall should be installed in the computer.

Employees sabotage

The employees of an organization are more familiar with the computers of the organization. They may as a prank or seriously due to certain issues change the data; destroy system’s hardware and operating system. The activities of the employees are to be monitored and restricted from overall IT infrastructure.

Unnecessary Installation of Software

Installing any forms of software on your computer will not do you any good than bad. You must avoid using your computer just anyhow. Don’t install software that you don’t know its real source as this will help your computer secured from hacking and malware infection.

Internet centres

Many people might not have PC at home so, they utilise internet centres for various purposes. They should be very careful while divulging the important information through the computers in internet centres. Care should be taken while closing all the windows. No history should be maintained in the toolbars as well.
Thus, it is the responsibility of the individual to follow simple steps to prevent the computer from hacker’s threat.

Do you have some other additional tips to help user secure their computer without spending hard to do so? Please share them with us below


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  1. blofair Avatar

    Nice article, useful site make awareness and safe people from virus and unwanted threats.

  2. computer security companies Avatar
    computer security companies

    By reading this post we can get idea to protect our computer or network but everyday there comes new technique so this is a little helpful to us not surely we say that by keep in mind these seven steps we can protect our computer or network. Today we can get solution by software or any computer security company because they are updated with every new technique comes in the market, so it is the best solution for it.

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      Your comment is awesome. Thanks a lot for this

  3. adnan Avatar

    As a programmer these tips are great but nothing will ever be foolproof.

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      Great comment @Adnan. Thanks for stopping-by here ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hire PHP Developers Avatar
    Hire PHP Developers

    For a computer user speed of computer is must. the main thing in the computer that is security. That gives a lot of problems if it have a lot of unwanted programs is run. So be care fully and use this tips. Thanks for sharing this tips.

    1. Olawale Daniel Tayo Avatar

      Thanks too for the awesome advice and the information you just shared above here. You are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. online tech support Avatar
    online tech support

    Great tips on securing your computer. I think employee sabotage is the biggest threat these days.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You are right man. Thanks for your visit ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mitch Ribak Avatar
    Mitch Ribak

    We ought to keep in touch with the latest developments in computer security and better still even if the PC is equipped with the latest spywares or anti virus, keep a back up of all the important document. Also right to the point, we have to be very careful while going for installations.

    1. techatlast Avatar

      Thanks for the tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Data recovery London Avatar
    Data recovery London

    Great tips, i liked them….Very well written post. By using your tips i don’t think major problems should occur to any computer.

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