Top 9 Firefox Extensions for Better SEO

Firefox is an excellent tool for SEO, especially if you know how to use it better. I can’t imagine blogging without it on daily basis, though there was a time when I stopped using it due to the fact it is becoming slower everyday because of too much addons. But, immediately when Mozilla released its latest version, Mozilla Firefox 8, I changed my mind about it and started using it again because that one comes with useful benefits.

Apart from the fact that Firefox is becoming slower everyday before the new release, I can’t do without firefox browser because I used it for my blog administration and some other things which can’t be done with Google Chrome, due to javascript and some other problems.mozilla firefox design

One thing that makes me love Firefox better than other browser is because of the add-on and extensions that I can use with it which makes it more preferrable to the other browsers. For an SEO firm, it would be nice if you consider firefox SEO extension addons as one of the best tool you can use for your blog to rank well and to track changes and development on the blog you’re taking care of. So, here are the awesome and powerful Mozilla Firefox SEO Extensions you should consider downloading and installing to your browser as a blogger or someone who engages in SEO work.

User Agent Switcher

User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox allows user to visit different websites on the internet exactly as a Googlebot – this will help you know exactly how Googlebot see your blog or website so that you can change any error or mistakes that can cause your blog to be misrepresented. It is a perfect way for any website admin to check his or her website’s search engine cloaking info.

HTML Validator Extension (with HTML Tidy)

The HTML Validator firefox extension help you know what and what is not right on any page you are visiting on your web pages. This extension will help you in seeing HTML errors whenever you press CTRL+U to view the source of a page, and allow you to quickly know the areas in the source page that might present problems to search engines when bots are trying to crawl your blog.

Show IP Firefox Extension

What do you need to know about the website you are visiting? Is it the IP address or what? If it is an IP address, then using the mozilla firefox extension called show IP  will help displays the IP address of any websites right in the status bar of your browser.

Web Developer Toolbar

The Web Developer Toolbar is powerful extension that has many essential features that will be useful for both Website development and Search Engine Optimization. This extension will let you manage cache, referrers, JavaScript, CSS, cookies, and much more. For example, you can choose to disable CSS on website page by just pressing the Ctrl-Shift-S keyboard button. As well, you can disable cookies to see for yourself how a website behaves without cookies turned on and when it is turn on. You can also choose to show the alt attribute text attribute of a page.

Search Status Firefox Extension

The Firefox Search Status extension shows you  as the computer user the current Google PageRank of the site you are visiting in the status bar. Apart from that alone, you can also check the rel=nofollow attribute links on any pages you status firefox plugin




NoScript Firefox extension will help you turn off JavaScript from your website for all the pages you visit by default and also allow you override that same setting on a site-by-site basis. Since we all know that search engines bots don’t surf website with JavaScript enabled, you can get a perfect idea of how your website sites look to search engines bots when you have JavaScript turned off. It is perfect extension for any serious webmaster to have, I highly recommended it that you install it. Image shown below is an example of a website that wants to redirect visitors to another page with javascript, but the extension blocked that action.


Customize Google

Use the Customize Google firefox extension to puts links to other popular search engines you want to be using on the Google SERPs so that when you’re searching for information, you can easily switch from one search engine to another such as MSN, Bing and others from the Google SERPs page.customize google firefox



Right from your browser page, take awesome screenshots of the web pages you’re browsing through without hassle. Make use of the Screengrab extension to perform tasks such as that. This extension will lets you capture the full page of a browser page or a specified width.


screengrab extension for firefox

Firefox Profiles

Firefox profile is the perfect way to manage different extension profiles on ones computer without stress. You can setup different profiles for each extensions on your browser while you can as well set another one for the general browsing.

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