97 percent of Google’s revenue is coming from Advertising (infographic)

A whopping 96% of Google‘s $37.9 billion 2011 annual revenue came from advertising only medium. But the question is, who is putting all of these cash into Google’s wallet?

Google is best and popular known with its web search product, which has changed the way we search and gather information online.which has completely overturned how we research and find answers.

Google advertising methods includes using Google AdWords to get advertisers and then offer publishers the Google Adsense program for them to make money from the ads served on their web pages.

In 2011, throughout all industry, the industry that used Google’s advertising medium the most was the finance and insurance industry with about $4 billion handed over to Google. State Farm leads the charts as a huge $43.7 million was spent. During the time, the most commonest search term in the industry with highest cost per click was “self-employed health insurance,” and this ad costs each advertisers around $43 per click.

The retail and general merchandise industry holds second place for most spent on Google ads, with Amazonleading at $55.2 million spent. You would think that number would be so high to accommodate Amazon’s recent debut of the Kindle Fire, but the most commonly search for keyword in the retail industry was actually “Zumba dance DVD.” If we learn anything from common keywords it’s that the economy is down, so people are self-employed and want to dance at home for exercise.

Travel and tourism industry came in third with about $2.4 billion spent on Google advertising. And the jobs and education industry came in fourth position; the home and garden industry is in fifth position.

Check the infographic picture below for more information on who contributes to Google’s huge wealth.

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Who Buys All Those Google Ads advertisement

Infographic via WordStream and VentureBeat

Rich man image via Shutterstock

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