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Aakash Tablets – Million Dollar Baby In The Tablet Market

Aakash Tablets Specs and Features

2012 is going to be year of low cost computing. India has pioneered the way of low cost computing and the world communities are looking back at its Aakash tablets which have been the new buzz word in the market. Apple was the first company to launch the services of selling tablets which had customized applications and went on to become an integral part of human life. The tablets from Apple and Samsung prove to be very expensive and they were far from the reach of a common man.

India’s Pioneering Concept: Aakash project was kick started in the year 2011 through which the Government of India will distribute the tablets under a price tag of $35 to the students in various educational institutions. The product would be sold at the open market with a price tag of $50 without any subsidiary from the government. Not many were interested in such devices as they were expected to deliver sub standard services. However, Aakash had silenced their critics around the globe and had garnered a whopping 1.4 million pre-sales orders in just 14 days. The orders were made through the website without making any advance payment. The product is yet to be launched in the market.aakash tablet is the coolest tablet on the market

Datawind – A Surprised Package: Datawind, UK based vendor is the maker of world’s cheapest tablets. They have already opened a factory in India and have started the production. With the boost in the sales orders, they have decided to quickly open up 2 new factories in India and boost up the production. People close to the company say that they never expected such responses from the Indian market. The company is expected to deliver 70,000-75,000 units per day once the factory starts running with its full potential by April. The company was initially expecting a sales order of just 30,000 units.

Specs of Aakash: Aakash runs on Android OS and comes with pre-loaded Nimbuzz messaging applications. The tablet cannot be compared to Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy tablets. However, it could still be a strong contended considering the lower price tag. The government will be distributing the tablets to the students across the country which will encourage the usage of tablets. This could kick start a revolution in India for the sales of tablets. It has a resistive touch screen and a dooming slow processor system.aakash tablets

Better Variant: Datawind is expected to launch its 2nd generation of Aakash tablets with a higher price tag close to $75 with better features. The new version will have a slot to insert the SIM card that will allow the internet connection through 2G services. The new version will have a powerful processor with double the speed (700 Mhz processor) compared to its earlier 366 Mhz processor.

The mood is upbeat in the Indian market. People are not used to the tablet usage and they are waiting to grab their moment. Who knows and it might well pave the way to the higher usage of advanced tablets from Apple and Samsung!

Rajkumar Jonnala is content writer and SEM Consultant at serverracks.com.au which provides a great solutions on server racks and network cabinets.

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  1. It seems the cheapest tablet in the world recently launched in india. Hoping for the quality which matters a lot for popularity.


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