TechAtlast, also known as TechAtLastHQ, is a top tech blog, founded to cater for people of all tribes and cultures – all over the world. This blog was created to provide day-to-day guides on how people could lead a successful and healthy lives with in-depth technology advancement reports, reviews and discoveries. Beside these aims, the site focuses on business setups all across Africa and other continents of the world.

In the area of education, the website pride itself among the best in information dissemination in helping us produce the next-future-generation of young, intelligent and self-confidence oriented youths to take over the world by storm. Part of its visions has been shared by project code, WHYGI, founded and concepted by Olawale Daniel.

Project WHYGI stands for We Help You Get It, an organization that aims at helping younger generation make use of every available technology tools around them to forge a better future for our planet. So that by 2020, in every home of the world, every children between the age of 5-15 years would be able to code new software, write new programs, develop video games or any other creative stuffs with little or no supervision.

Founded, March 10th 2010 with the aim of sharing everything that pertains to latest in technology trends, business, discoveries around Africa and the world at large.

And thanks to God, the purpose was achieved within a short possible time frame.

Presently, the blog is ranking among the top technology blogs across the world – according to Google page ranking algorithm.

TechAtLast ranking on Google for technology blog keyword

TechAtLast (TechAtLastHQ) covers every angle of technology and moves on to attend to business, education and discoveries.

The site is now ranked #70,000 worldwide by Alexa.com, while it’s respected on Google with a Google Pagerank status of 3.

TechAtLast blog which everybody refers to as TechAtLast – on a daily basis – is getting thousands of regular search engine visitors (organic traffic). And when it comes to readership and engagement, it has a large amount of unique RSS feed subscribers with many email list subscribers.

TechAtLast Team?

We’ve employed the services of web developers, editors, writers and researchers to better help improve the way we serve YOU entirely on TechAtLast. You can have a glimpse of these great and wonderful individuals from our official Techatlast Team page.

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  1. Hi,
    I came across your website and I found it very impressive. I really appreciate your effort in gauging customers with complete and up-to-date information.
    I am contacting you because I write articles that may interest your audience; I was wondering if you’d be open to a guest post.

    If interested, you may send the guidelines and the criteria so we can get started.
    Looking forward to getting a positive response.

    Cynthia David
    Content Strategist and Digital Analyst

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