Acer to Launch $699-$799 worth of Ultrabooks Next Year, 2012

Two to five years back, people, especially those who used to travel on business trips and others preferred ultra-portables or ultrabooks over the full-size laptops. But the story has changed now that there are many companies out there producing one or two tablets on regular basis and that make the table to change. With this, there isn’t any sign that the ultrabook has died down finally because of the latest news from Acer, as the company will be releasing its ultrabooks small-sized device come next year with a price slash of $699-$799. OEMs are releasing its new and improved models which can be consider as a better option than the tablet, as this will help you in getting the full functionality of a normal computer.

Chinese newspaper Commercial Times writes:

The $799 market is really getting some attention with a lot of OEMs trying to capture it, and Acer is not out of it. According to the sources in the supply chain, Acer will be releasing new ultrabooks in 2012 in the price range of $699 to $799.

“The speculation comes after Acer president Jim Wong said recently that Acer’s ultrabook prices will drop to US$799-899 in the second quarter of 2012 and to US$499 in 2013.”

Wong said the company will be shipping the ultrabooks starting from next year at that price slash. How do you see this? Do you think tablets is really taking over the world of PC’s or you believe in what Wong said? Let’s hear you comment in the comment box below.






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