3 Ways to Remove People on Google+, make your page clean


Everything that comes in form of a good thing will also have something that will make it piss you off. Google Plus social networking site, a new product from Google is the talk of the town.

Recently when Google launched the service and since then, the service has began to keep on improving the features of the google social  networking platform.

There bugs in it (there will always be something that others will hate in a new thing) according to some group of people while there are also good news concerning the development. One of the downside of the Google plus service which many people sees as a problem is even not a problem until recent when I checked it out and discover that this tricks work. It is the issue of privacy control.

The new Google+ service has good privacy control method being put in place to checkmate all forms of errors that occurs in the facebook photo tagging feature and others. You can control the type of people who you ant to share your information with while also, can you decide who you will like to share post and other information on  your wall, this also happens on facebook but I don’t think it works well over there.

How Block People on Google+..

You can block and unblock people on your Google Plus account and it depends on you who and who you want to go off your record. Your googleplus homepage is a place where you share your tweet known as posts and others and anything you post there can be viewed by some of your friends on google plus and some of your friends too can share their post and be visible on your profile wall, but, if it happen that one of your friend’s tweet are unrelated to what you are saying on your profile and it is appearing as a kind of spam wall post which makes your page to look dirty, you can solve that now.

Follow this simple tricks below and you will control who and who should share information with you on Google plus.

1. Go to your google plus profile page if you have change your google plus username; it will look like this (www.gplus.to/techatlast) so that you can be able to share your page with anyone to come and read post on your wall. Find your way to your Google Plus homepage.

2. The next thing to do after you have logged into your Google Plus account is to find who and who you are not going to be displaying on your wall and start removing them through blocking.  To do this, look at the upper right angle of your google plus main post page like in the picture below.

3. The next page that will show up will be the page where you can block the person and you will need to confirm that you really want to block the person or maybe you will change your mind and if you have made up your mind to block the person, then click on Block ? (? means the person’s name). [see image below]

2. Profile Blocking:

Another method you can use to block the person. Go to the person’s profile page and click on the top right corner as it is on the first image above and choose to block the person. Then confirm the message tha you know that you want to block the person and that’s all.

3. Circle Blocking:

The last of the tricks is the using of emails and circle to block people. You can click on the block email you receive from that person or you can also go to your circles page and drop the person name in the block circle and that’s all about that.

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