AdSense for Mobile shifts to AdSense for Content

Less than five hours ago, when we authoritatively reported that Google had retired Adsense for Domains,  here is another news about Google Adsense product, Google Adsense for Mobile.
Google has announced that its Google Adsense for Mobile platform has been shifted to the main Adsense for Content platform. This move is said to bring an end to stress that many people used to experience when trying to create mobile ads.
So, now is the time for you to serve mobile content for all high-end phone users and small phone users at the same time, there is no need to create different ad anymore.
With this change Google has advised that all publishers should update their code as soon as the new change is implemented….read the letter from Google to me below and I know most of your would surely get something similar in couples of an hour.
“Dear AdSense for Mobile Publisher,
Today, we are happy to announce an important step in our ongoing effort to bring the full strength of Googleto our mobile web publishers.  As of this morning, Google AdSense now offers mobile monetization as a fully integrated solution within the core AdSense for content product.  Not only will this upgrade offer AdSense for mobile publishers the simplicity of a single user interface between web and mobile, but most publishers will also see an improvement in their revenue potential.To complete this migration, we’re asking all publishers who have AdSense for mobile ad units that are meant for “iPhones and other highend devices only” to update their ad code as soon as possible.  As of today, you will find the mobile ad unit sizes within the AdSense for content section of your AdSense interface.  Implementing the Google AdSense ad on your mobile will start right from May 1, 2012 without disruption.

If you are using the AdSense for mobile ad units meant for “All Phones”, you will continue to be able to serve ads to both WAP phones and highend phones.

For more questions about how our mobile ads products will work now, click here: For additional support concerning Google AdSense, visit the Help Center at

We appreciate your understanding and we’re look forward to serving you better.”

Google AdSense Team

Please add your comment below for others to learn from your experience and what you think this move can bring to mobile ads.

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