Advantages of Online Backup

    Online backup is also referred to as web-based backup, internet backup or remote backup. It is a procedure which involves storing files and folders in secure data centers on the internet. Online backup has the following advantages.advantages of online backup

    1. Automation

    Traditional backup methods required human intervention. Someone had to manually backup data on a daily basis. Online backup does not need much human intervention. Using simple software interface, users can easily schedule backups to happen automatically. When backup has been successful or when there are problems, the software alerts the user.

    2. Security

    Conventional backup methods such as hard drives, CDs and flash disks present a huge security risk. Since the information contained in such devices is usually unencrypted, anyone can get access to it. If the data consists of sensitive customer or financial information, it can result in very grave consequences. Besides, hard drives, CDs and flash disks are all vulnerable to water and fire damage.

    Online backup encrypts data and therefore ensures security in storage and transfer. No one can access the content of the files without the appropriate encryption key. In addition, online backup stores data in remote and secure data centers.

    3. Accessibility

    In the past, creation of data was limited to a particular place where the computer was located. However, with the increasing popularity of wireless technology and laptops, people are now able to create data when on a plane, train or car. In such mobile environments, backing up on physical devices is not advisable due to the risk of data loss. Online backup is therefore the best and most secure way of backing up data from anywhere where there is internet connection.

    4. Cost-effective

    Previously, online backup was very expensive and many companies could not afford it. However, over time, the prices have reduced significantly. Online backup is in many cases more cost effective compared to traditional methods of backing up. No capital is required upfront since there is no hardware being bought. Your expenditure will depend on how much data you would like to protect.

    5. Speed     

    With good internet connection and a good bandwidth, files can be transferred very fast over the internet. Online backup also allows quick recovery in case there is server failure. This is because users can choose which important data needs to be retrieved immediately. Depending on the size of data, you can have your files restored in a few hours.

    6. ‘Future proof’

    Data which is backed up online can be accessed for many years to come. Traditional backup devices might fail to be compatible with new systems or equipment. However, when it comes to online backup, there is absolutely no risk of incompatibility.

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