Agile and Lean Methodology – Everything You Need to Know About Now!

Many people do not understand what Agile or Lean is and they cannot comprehend the difference between the two software development models. So, for this topic, our experts have decided to give you all and little insight into what both of these are how do they differ. But before understanding the difference between Agile and Lean it is important to understand both terms properly.

So, let us start with…

What is Agile?

Agile is generally about building better items. Being established in the Agile declaration (2001), it’s particularly about building better-computerized items. From that point forward, it has advanced into backwoods of methods, systems, and religion of sorts. Agile had certain attention on individuals from the beginning, and the network has had a developing accentuation on culture and attitude. Subsequently, ways are being found to apply Agile even to non-advanced items or administrations.

The Agile Manifesto basically underlines the subsequent aspects:

  • Interaction of people on tools and processes
  • Collaboration with potential customers within the negotiation of project results
  • Respond to change with a concept
  • The Agile methodology is incredibly just like the Lean methodology and for this reason, you’ll see many similar points between these two.
  • The Agile methodology, in general, is more supported by development instead of production.

Under the Agile umbrella, one can find many frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, XP, and more. Scrum is the most widely used framework under agile methodology. Being Scrum certified can be beneficial to excel in one’s career. One can validate skills with CSM Practice Test and improve the quality of daily work in an agile environment.

What is Lean?

Lean is an intentional quest for a smooth flow. Lean organizations are resolved to convey actually better client esteem through constant improvement of the two items and series. It began most broadly from the Toyota creation framework, uniting thoughts by Henry Ford, W. Edwards Deming, and others. What made it “click” for Toyota was understanding the estimation of assembly line laborers. Toyota empowered specialists to settle on choices and upgrades without asking consent. Toyota had early regard for individuals and maintainability along these lines to Agile.

Lean Manufacturing has transformed many traditional concepts including:

  • Production should be supported by demand and not on supply. It is merely about doing something when someone wants it and orders it, instead of doing it first, hoping then that somebody will need it;
  • The production is more efficient if performed in small lots so as to take advantage of economies of scale;
  • Taking the time to concentrate on quality also increases production and efficiency;
  • Employers, not managers, are to blame for defining their method of working;
  • Rather than executing predefined tasks over and yet again, workers must continually improve their way of working (the so-called “Kaizen”).

Agile and Lean

When it comes to software development, you have two options that mostly confuses the audience, Agile vs Lean software development models.

Agile and Lean are two well-known techniques in the venture board world that assist groups with conveying quicker, more feasible outcomes. 

These two strategies frequently utilize the terms interchangeably while portraying regular practices. To make things much more convoluted, numerous organizations embrace a Lean system when attempting to scale Agile over the organizations: Although any Agile or Lean impact is a decent impact, these strategies are best when applied comprehensively.

Talking about the differences between Agile and Lean

Understanding the contrasts between the accounts of Agile and Lean can give lucidity about what makes every technique special. The primary distinction is that the Agile system concerns the enhancement of an improvement cycle, while the Lean strategy concerns the advancement of a creation cycle.

Here are some of the differences between Agile and Lean:

  • Agile Software Development Model resembles building another thing which is unexpectedly and that excessively just for one time while the Lean Software Development Model is a sort of building something very similar, over and over, that too on something very similar. 
  • Agile Software Development Model was as Lean Software Development Model has an alternate arrangement of standards, for example, eliminate squander, amplify learning, decide as late as could reasonably be expected, deliver as quick as could reasonably be expected, empower the group, build trustworthiness and see the entirety. 
  • Agile Software Development Model has a guideline of clients in its model through the Lean Software Development Model fixates on the catchphrase waste.
  • Agile could be a Software Development Model that contains six different phases during its entire life cycle. Lean is additionally a Software Development Model which was derived from the manufacturing model.
  • Agile is developed using different frameworks like Scrum or Kanban. Lean is developed using different frameworks like Scrum or Kanban.
  • Lean applies to monotonous cycles intending to create another and indistinguishable item each time. Agile applies to dull cycles where we emphasize improving one item. There is a not really inconspicuous distinction. Rather than building 1,000 vehicles, we continue improving one vehicle.
  • Agile will be developed in such a way that the ultimate development and integration are often done by delivering small or frequent parts of the merchandise whereas lean are often developed in such some way that using the principles from the Lean model.
  • Agile is employed to perform or deliver the applications or products in a dynamic manner however lean will be wont to improve the speed and quality of the merchandise.
  • Agile is about the scope and value of the merchandise. Lean is about the merchandise quality and its speed of development.
  • Agile is simpler to use for dynamic requirement changes. Agile isn’t flexible for dynamic changes within the deliverables.
  • Agile supports flexibility in numerous frameworks usage and lean supports in continuous inspection and adaption of the merchandise.
  • Agile Software Development Model has alternative ways like Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc. in its frameworks ways whereas the Lean Software Development Model has different management processes.


In today’s world, not many people can explain what Agile or Lean is, and only a few could comprehend the difference between Agile and Lean. And we’ve tried to do justice to that, by offering comprehensive detail on the Agile software development and Lean software development model. These are some of the differences between Agile and Lean.

Hopefully, this article helped you in clearing out the confusion and helped you in understanding what Agile is and what Lean is in a better way. Take care, stay home, and always keep learning.





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