mCommerce: How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Mobile Commerce Industry

Mcommerce Made Simpler – AI is driving the change!

Ecommerce dates back to late 1970s when Michael Aldrich, an IT entrepreneur, first invented online shopping to facilitate transactional behavior between businesses and consumers.

Years later, Amazon and PayPal came to the scene followed by the Dot-com bubble around end of the century. By then, online commerce was already $150 billion strong.

Today it is whopping $2.3 trillion market which is expected to go over $4.8 trillion in course of next 3 years.

Massive growth of mobile usage around the world has a lot to do with its growth. Not that web sales will die entirely but mobile commerce (also known as Mcommerce) will gradually capture the major portion. With that said, businesses still can’t afford to erase their web presence. For this purpose, mobile optimization for small businesses is of highest importance.

The skeptic consumer still finds it convenient to shop on a computer. This justifies the need to make the site responsive and introducing a mobile app simultaneously. You can’t force innovation on people, it will take time for some people to gradually upgrade to mCommerce way of shopping. So, before then, make provision for them by designing a responsive shopping experience.

Both ecommerce and mobile are parallel to each other – that’s why we have the term mCommerce today. Therefore, any technological upgrade to one will have to be replicated to other.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, has refined online commerce big time. Though it is still to be adopted by many businesses but they are gearing up for the change slowly.

Generating traffic and leads has always been the biggest challenge for small and big businesses alike. The most difficult part is to figure out the right marketing strategy for a business. You never know what will work for you and what will not. Or do you?

For this, online business owners always wanted time. Now AI is helping them on that front. Artificial Intelligence is enabling business owners to focus more on delivering excellence by taking charge of customer interface. Be it customer support or assisting customers to shopping in real time, AI is driving everything.

Take a look exactly how AI is driving online commerce today by reading this infographic below. It was designed by Mofluid team. It explains perfectly well how mCommerce is gradually gaining more grounds, that too visually, and all thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Mobile Commerce Industry (mCommerce)

AI powered Mcommerce Trends infographic
This is how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting Mobile Commerce Industry, also known as mCommerce. We provide insightful infographic to help you position your brand towards the next phase of innovation in your industry. Read and enjoy.



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