The Brainstorm: 7 AI Future predictions report 2020

With the latest trends, the market for AI is on the rise due to the rising number of cutting-edge benefits that its applications offer to various sectors. This new technology (AI) has completely twisted the whole tech-world in a manner that it has become practically unfeasible to distinguish between the things which are AI-driven and what is not.

 According to the latest reports, it is predicted that more than 85 percent of customers support service won’t require the human support service anymore as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has altered all the long-established methods into the superior and possible ones. Well, AI Trends of 2020 will change the things for sure but, it will be interesting to predict how AI technology will expand in the future. However, today, we’re going to talk about the things that we can predict in the coming year in society. It is time to have a look at the 7 AI Future predictions reports 2020 now!

Space mission- AI app

Nowadays, as we know, virtual assistants have become a part of our daily lives. These assistants can perform all the tasks in a hassle-free manner. Have you ever thought if an artificial intelligence machine helps in space exploration and discoveries? Well, yes Artificial intelligence apps can help in analyzing huge amounts of data. According to the artificial intelligence report 2020, it is the best application to hold and process the data as per your requirements. All around the globe various researchers and experts are continuously using Artificial Intelligence and Machine to filter data with the help of AEGIS, which is an AI-based Mars rover. It is accountable for targeting of cameras to research on Mars.

Autonomous vehicles- AI-based apps

For a long time, autonomous cars have become very popular in the industry. There are a lot of vehicles, that use AI to robotically carry out actions without human interference. The machines or cars that work without human help are known as autonomous vehicles. Several companies are working continuously to create autonomous vehicles. These developments in autonomous cars will revolutionize the transportation system. However, the Cost to Make Artificial Intelligence App for the vehicles to produce signals that control the vehicle will be higher.

Various autonomous cars are currently in the testing stages and come out in the market in the future. Waymo cars and Tesla’s self-driving car is the best example of autonomous vehicles which can envisage objects without any human interference.

CyberSecurity- AI apps

With the increasing recognition of AI, it is also becoming a key performer in the cybersecurity sector. To protect the companies for hacks and security breaches, it is a good idea to implement Artificial Intelligence in your business security system that can improve the examination, and understanding of all the processes while reducing cybercrime. The adoption of AI also enhances the security channel of companies in all applications.

Reinforcement Learning

Like all other sectors, reinforcement learning known as RL is leading to something big in 2020. RL is the best application that uses its own experiences to improve its working. If you want to fuel up human creativity then reinforcement learning can be used in many possible scenarios. This application model helps in completing various intricate behavioral odd jobs. It is a perfect way out of resolving all kinds of customer support problems. For illustration, we can say that self-improving chatbots are one of the best examples of RL as these chatbots are used to resolve the queries of the users. With the help of the reinforcement learning effect, you can train Chatbots to become completely automated supporters to customers.

Union of IoT and AI

Artificial intelligence has a vast scope in Industrial IoT processes. As per reports internet of things is generally not as competent as they could be. This thing creates a room for Artificial intelligence algorithms to help boost effectiveness and productivity in fewer periods for various businesses. In short, we can say that the union of IoT with AI through methods like defect detection will increase the manufacturing outcomes efficiency.

Business- AI Forecasts

AI forecast is becoming a hot trend in 2020. This technology collectively checks all the data in a given time and gives businesses the best possible predictions about the marketplace. AI and ML when used correctly, can collect data in such a means that allows companies to make the right choices according to the market data.

 In the upcoming future, the companies adopt AI to get insights about the latest trends that will lead to more strict actions for the automation of tasks. As this technology trend continues to boost, people become more familiar with its automatic intelligence and together can create better equations for business profits.

Cloud Computing and AI

Like all other sectors, Artificial Intelligence has entirely revolutionized the present and Cloud Computing market and created novel methods of expansion. At this time, it is clear that this technology has vast potential, and AI is the technology of the future. Computing companies did not have the computing power and access to big data sets can still avail the benefits of AI through cloud computing without spending much money.


On the whole, we can say that artificial intelligence has the knack to transform and redefine the means we work in this digital world. In the upcoming future, we can expect more AI-enabled solutions for companies. The new trends will help create the best customer experiences, results, and make sure we are achieving our business goals judiciously and competently.

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