Alibaba Reach 1 Million Users in UK – INFOGRAPHIC

Alibaba is one of the largest online marketplace in the whole world when it comes to online e-commerce web portal. You can buy goods and send it to your loved ones in another countries throughout the world, you can order goods and services with rest of mind without the need of thinking if your money will get snatched by online scammers because of the quality payment system that Alibaba has maintained since the time it has came into existence. For this reasons, that is what make the Alibaba service a must use most of the people in the United States according to the research conducted by The Alibaba insiders. This research shows that Alibaba has reached 1 million customer based, a feat which many companies are striving to get to with no success.

In this infographic, you will be able to know how Alibaba UK customers base increase with more growth speed across the United Kingdom and you will be able to learn from their strategy and how you can apply it to your online business model. Alibaba is doing greatly in the United Kingdom when compared to the stats with the results from all other European nations according to the report gathered.

You will learn a lot from the great rise in market place for the Alibaba group and you can achieve such in your business if you can try to pick one or two ideas from their strategy and make use of it to achieve success.


What You Need To Know About Alibaba Growth?

Alibaba.com is the world largest online business to business marketplace for small businesses and in the UK membership has just reached one million:

  • Membership has grown by 51% year on year
  • Alibaba as at present is getting 29,000 newly registered users monthly
  • 10.7% of UK members are buying machinery and Alibaba is the right place where this can be achieve.
  • 5.8% of its members are buying minerals and metallurgy on regular basis and Alibaba stands at their source of achieving this.
  • Since Alibaba is the ideal place to get quality Chinese goods without the fear of loosing money to fraudsters, this makes it easier for Alibaba to get more UK members in the rate of 69.9%. This people are those sourcing goods to buy from the China market.
  • 5.1% of Alibaba users are those sourcing for goods from India
  • Most of the people that are using Alibaba in the EU are mostly from United Kingdom and this makes it more easier for Alibaba to achieve 1 million UK customer base.

Infographic Provided by Alibaba and YoungPrePro.

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