A breakthrough aluminium battery that charges your smartphone in 60 seconds!

Discover a breakthrough aluminium battery that could charge your smartphone in just 60 seconds.

One of the primary and consistent challenge smartphone user faces is, and will continue, to be battery problem. Even with the influx of high-end smartphones to replace the obsolete ones that we thought has lesser battery lifespan, some users still find it difficult to enjoy mobile phone up to its peak standard.

As highly hyped the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxies, and the latest Xiaomi smartphone is, there battery issue still remain the talk of the day – because no matter how effective and power-efficient the hardware gets – the lot of its functionalities are reserved by manufacturers mainly for improved screen displays, faster memory performance, state-of-the-art gaming experience, and some other high-in-demand features.

aluminum graphite battery(Hongjie Dai & Meng-Chang Lin of Stanford University)

The future of smartphone battery life looks blurry until recently that my colleagues at Stanford University came up with something that looks absolutely like the answers all smartphone users have been looking for. The discovery is nothing but a Holy Grail kind of solution for smartphone users. It is an ultra-fast-charging aluminium battery that can charge your smartphone within just 60 seconds.

Oh please! 60 seconds? Yeahbsolutely!

And one other upside of this new aluminium-powered-charger is that it could be manufactured in bulk on a large scale basis if there’s good budget on ground.

When asked about the new technology, the Stanford University’s professor of Chemistry, Hongjie Dai, said in an article.

“Our new aluminium battery does not, and will not catch fire, even if you drill or make a hole through it”

The new rechargeable battery was inspired to render existing storage devices such as the lithium-ion batteries, which infrequently burst into flames, and alkaline batteries, which is totally working against our health and our environment especially now that everyone is working towards a greener environment because of global warming.

The aluminium-ion battery contains a negatively charged (-) anode and a positively charged (+) graphite cathode. Researchers placed those two items inside a flexible polymer-coated pouch with an ionic liquid electrolyte during the testing.

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Aluminium has always been useful material for battery design, but it has been too complex to work with. It’s easy on the pocket, not combustible, and could possibly have high capacities. However, the challenge up to this stage is developing the right equipment that could repetitively generate enough voltage after several cycles of charging and discharging.

As we all know, the lithium-ion batteries we have today takes several hours to charge and it doesn’t take long to discharge upon use. Due to some of the recent technological advancements, phone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung have gone ahead in developing burst methods that give you 25% (25 percent) of original battery life in just 15 minutes of charging it, and it also parched in a new slow-burn, which serves as emergency efficient modes to make it last longer by using extra time out of the last few percentage points of battery life. But, one of thing I noticed which makes this aluminium-ion battery prototype better is, its “unequalled charging times” – lesser than one minute. Wondering how possible? Please don’t – it is #TECHNOLOGY!

In fact, it is going to be a powerful selling point.

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In addition, the researchers conducted a test for this new prototype, they charged and discharged the aluminium-ion battery 7,500 times without loss of power, compared with 1,000 cycles or less of what we have today.

The researchers said that, in addition to phone batteries, the aluminium-ion battery could also be used as storage means to store up additional capacity in renewable power grids, and the 2-volt output could an alternative replacement for 1.5-volt AA and AAA batteries which has been destined to be thrown away after use.

The last hurdle is that the voltage, according to the researchers, is just about half of what your smartphone needs to charge. As far as this aluminium graphite battery charging prototype is concerned, they cannot manufacture it yet, until this is resolved. We are hoping they get this done soon so that we could all start using our smartphones to their fullness.

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  1. Shoping Avatar

    its really good and fasts for charging i am impressed with the metrics. I can’t wait for the aluminium battery to land in my hand. 🙂

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  3. Hamilton Avatar

    Wow!nice innovation.I want to buy this latest breakthrough aluminium battery for chairing my smart phone.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar

      Yes, we will surely keep you guys updated about it once it is finalized. I love it too. It is going to be a ground-breaking revelation for the smartphone market. 🙂

      Thanks Hamilton for coming down here. 🙂

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        Hamilton copy copy

        Thanks man

  4. Menghemat Avatar

    OMG! This is what we waiting for! And i hope the smartphone manufacturers will also focusing on this (battery), not only for the specs.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      They’d surely be forced to because as soon as this land in the marketplace, nobody will go for specs without taking note of the longer lasting battery life of the beast they’re about to acquire.

      Gone are the days when smartphone manufacturers will stuff phones with features without thinking about the power to run them effectively.

      Things are really changing lately.

      Welcome here Menghemat.

  5. Abi Avatar

    the biggest drawback of android phone is battery life, if this is really possible then it is a very good news for android mobile user. Thank you for sharing

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      From now on, #NoMoreLowBattery on your android smartphone when you have an aluminium battery that charges in less than 60 seconds at your disposal!

      Thanks for coming around.

  6. zahid Avatar

    Its really very good addition in smart phone industry and obviously it will bring more facilitation for mobile phone users.

  7. Sumit Bajaj Avatar
    Sumit Bajaj

    Great news. thanks for sharing

  8. Raj Avatar

    thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful article ….
    it helped me a lot :v though i ll try once charging with aluminium battery

  9. Aamir lehri Avatar
    Aamir lehri

    Please link me to that site from where i can also get this type of battery for me

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      For now, nowhere yet but as soon as it is available, we’ll update the content or publish a new one in sequel to this to enlighten you about it.

      Thanks for coming around Aamir! 🙂

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    This is a AMAZING battery charger ! Thanks to share this post.

  12. Red Rock Avatar
    Red Rock

    Low Battery is the major problem for smartphone, but i just want to ask when it will be available in market for use??

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Still under fundraising. It will soon be in the market once there’s money to produce it in larger quanities.

  13. satishw.ratna Avatar

    Nice blog its really good and fasts for charging i am impressed.
    such a attractive post for me and hope for others Thanks for sharing.Its really very good addition in smart phone industry and obviously it will bring more facilitation for mobile phone users.

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    It’s really very nice innovation and obviously it will bring more facilitation for smartphone users. Low Battery is the major problem for smartphone users. It’s a wonderful post for me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Dear Deepika,

      Yeahbsolutely, you’re right! Smartphone has come under one major cause that will not go away easily – low battery!

      If this new breakthrough aluminum prototype can go all the way to become a realistic product, that will spell a doom for existing smartphone battery models because phone manufacturers will instead, prefer to go for aluminum battery.

      Thank you bhai for your comment, namastey to my people over there. 🙂

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  19. Nonvasive Avatar

    Aluminum batteries is not a greatest of the idea. These can damage the smartphones. How ever other battery chargers are safe and increase battery life.

  20. touhid dalamin Avatar
    touhid dalamin

    Thanks for shearing this post its amazing, that a smart phone charge is 60 second.
    I love it very much.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, you read that right Touhid!

      Not a typo that you can charge your smartphone in less than 60 seconds!

      Technology is taking over everything day in, day out.

      It is either one gets involved or stay behind in the oldies! 🙂

      Thanks for coming around brother 🙂

  21. abhay Avatar

    Great technology, great article, i hope to see this technology ASAP in markets.

  22. teguh iw Avatar
    teguh iw

    impresive.. low battery not a problem anymore..

  23. Alize Camp Avatar

    If this is come true and use daily in the life, it would be good when just need up to one minute to charge your smartphone and ready to go. There’s no problem with battery life and no need to worry about that anymore.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Alize, in my opinion, the people that would benefit and enjoy this new aluminum battery technology are those who traveled a lot. They can just use their phone backup without the fear of losing out on the other part of the way or staying in touch with their loved ones – since there’s an assurance of restoring the power in less 60 seconds.

      In fact, somebody like me who travels a lot can even devote a whole lot of the journey to watching film instead of reading, which has been part of my habit for so long.

      Don’t you think this will also influence people to spend more time on their phone screen?

  24. rohit mahbub Avatar
    rohit mahbub

    this is really great post for me and i am really impressed.I want to buy this latest breakthrough aluminium battery for chairing my smart phone. It is going to be a ground-breaking revelation for the smartphone market.thank you for sharing.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      We’ll update the page once it is available for sale. You’ve got to keep up with us by Subscribing to TechAtLast via https://techatlast.com/subscribe

      Thanks for your time Rohit.

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    Simply amazing discovery. I’ll love to try it out and see for myself

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, you can Clement.

      Looking forward to seeing you around once again.


  28. Pique Dan Avatar
    Pique Dan

    That’s really cool.
    60 secs is nothing when you are out of battery.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yeahsomemely! Nice one!

      I like the way you copied my style and expression.

      You get your phone back up immediately your smartphone battery is drained.

      I just hope this get to limelight soon.

  29. bizzrisema123 Avatar

    I got a new phone (iPhone, if it helps) and i don’t want to over charge or under charge the battery, possibly ruing it and giving a shorter battery life. This maybe a silly question, but is there a certain amount of time you should charge your phone to keep the battery good?

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    There is no need of going to another place now to know about battery and charger. Your content covers everything

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    Its really very good addition in smart phone industry and also in other industries too.

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    Sunday Smith

    Really, this is a great discovery for the smartphone users. We’d rock this aluminium battery charger if it eventually become a reality because we never know what will come up next.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks for your contribution Sunday! Its been nice seeing you around here 🙂

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    Its still an emerging innovation. If it gets public funding, this could become the solution we have all been waiting for in terms of smartphone battery lifespan maintenance.

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    Sandhi Sudha

    Really its amazing discovery. i love to try this…..

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    Hanuman chalisa yantra

    If It is true…..then its revolution to overcome from low bettery problem ….

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    Cheyenne Webster

    Apparently Samsung is coming out with a phone that will last a week soon! Interesting read, thank you.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      That’d be amazing! We all known what Samsung is capable of 🙂

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    Really great technology, I would love to buy one when it is out.

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    This will be unlimited maximization of your gadgets and full back up for your devices. This is the new face of power and gadget.

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