Amazing iPhone Camera Apps for less than a Buck

Today the definition of phone has changed largely. It is a style statement for youngsters and status quo for many of you. This developing taste among people has insisted telecom industry to come up with exciting features. Apple iPhone 4GS is designed with 5 megapixel camera.

What makes this phone exciting and centre of attraction is its advanced photo apps such as shooting, cropping, editing filter and effect features, moreover you can directly share them on many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and similar other platforms.  Hence, you can say it is the most versatile camera phone in the market. 

Interestingly, the apple iPhone camera apps are quite cheap.  You would be amused to know that almost 7 iphone camera apps here cost less than a dollar.

However, the picture quality gives you the real credibility to your hard-earned money. Let us throw some light on the galvanizing apps featured in this product. iphone camera app

Camera genius

It is a wonderful app that gives impetus to the speed of iPhone camera.  By using this app, you can enjoy various app features such as camera zoom, time and sound capture, full screen button, and anti- shaken.

100 Camera

Your photography will become an unforgettable experience by the app 100 Camera.  It gives you the opportunity to experiment in hundred different ways and use the creativity as much as you want.

Time Lapses app

Are you one of those picturesque nature lovers who like seeing flowers blooming in super slow motion?

Time Lapses app allows you to shoot a HD movie with time lapse. You can also take snap as per your wish, and set the images with preset increment.

Comic strip

It is a fun app added to the list of features. You can add bubbles, dialogues and other creativity to the photos of family and friends.


Even if you are sitting alone in dark room, and some idea flickers across your mind, then by clicking this user-friendly iPhone you can do some interesting stuff.

iDarkroom app supports various types of effects like color filter, paper, light leak & bokeh, vignette, noise and frame.  Using this app does not require sophisticated skills and you can add various flares to your taste to photography.

Touch retouch

Suppose, the photo you clicked has needs some editing.  iPhone comes up with the special app, of “touch retouch” where you can feel free edit whatever you think is not suitable.


It is an awesome app that adds style to the your photos with an easy interface which you can experiment with simple shuffle button mix frames, light leaks.

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