Android on Windows Mobile

The company started its mobile phone manufacturing with windows mobile OS. Many of the HTC windows mobile phones were loved by the users and they expected more from it. Well, the users wanted to boot Android in the phone and so do I. It is possible to boot Android in your windows mobile. Lets see how….

The devices which support Android booting are:
Kaiser (AT&T Tilt, HTC TyTN II, MDA Vario III, XDA Stellar), Polaris (HTC Touch Cruise), Vogue (HTC Touch CDMA, Verizon XV6900, Sprint Touch, Okta Touch), Titan (HTC Titan, xv6800, Bell PPC6800, Mogul), Diamond (HTC Touch Diamond, MDA Compact IV), Raphael (AT&T Fuze, HTC Touch Pro), Topaz (HTC Touch Diamond2, AT&T Pure) and Rhodium (AT&T Tilt 2, HTC Touch Pro2).


For Installation Tutorial you can visit this website

For Downloading the Android roms you can go to this link

You have to just download the .zip file, extract and run the specified file to boot android into your device..

Hope this helps….


  1. Android technology is the most advance and useful technology it provides unique display and touch screen features and i have used it many times and really it is quit fine.

  2. iPhone is one of the best company of mobile phone.I think many type of advantage of iphone.Nice display, good and smooth touch, very good colleciton of software, sound is very nice.Like you have a mini computer.


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