Apple Close to 25 Billionth App Download, Offers $10,000 Gift Card

Apple has just launched a countdown game to its 25 billionth app downloaded from its App Store.

The Cupertino based technology giant is giving away a whopping sum of $10,000 gift card for users to spend in buying things from the App Store. What do you really want to buy from the app store? Is it the Zynga games or some other cool and interesting games that come with pop-up limitations? Don’t worry any more about those ads because you could now buy with your own money and play them without those!

Unlike many other contest out there, even the Techatlast Contest as well, you would have to do one or two things to enter into the contest, but this one is different because you wouldnt have to download any app before you could enter into the contest.

You can easily fill  this online form for you to enter the contest and I believe you will surely win.

But if you win the contest, you have to agree to Apple’s contest term which says that you will have to agree to publicly share your App Store picks, your name, with the Apple community.

What would you use your $10,000 to buy from the App Store? Let us know what you would download in the comment section below.






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