Apple iKill – Secrets Behind Apple & its Producing Partner, Foxconn Revealed – Infographic

Apple Inc. is one of the best technology companies of the world. The company is based and located in Cupertino area of the United States of America. Apple is known and refers to as one of the best and most successful mobile phone producing giant of the 21st Century.
In fact, Apple products such as iPad, iPod Touch and the popularly known smartphone, iPhone, has achieved a lot of accolades for the company in terms of user reviews and large purchases recorded by the company over the years. The company has become the best and most profitable gadget manufacturer in history with its stock shares going up day after day (with Tim Cook having some percentage of it as a gift).
But, with all of these achievements, the company is still lacking in some areas….! And of the areas is the handling of workers in relationship with Foxconn. Foxconn is one of Apple’s trusted partners for years and this awesome infographic picture reveals the how, the where, and the why about Foxconn and Apple’s partnership.

Please try to understand the infographic picture and do share your comment below so that others can learn from your experiences. Also, do remember that the official techatlast contest is almost close to an end, please join the contest.Apple iKill revealed the secret behind Foxconn

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