Apple to Include NFC Technology in iPhone 5

As you all know, the most awaited Apple product, the iPhone 5 (link to iPhone 5 rumour) is going to be launched in the summer of 2012. This time, we have been told that this device is going to be enhanced with NFC technology which will enable you to use your new iPhone 5 smartphone as debit card for making payments anywhere throughout the world.

According to the report from 9to5Mac, Apple will come into partnership with MasterCard – the worldwide known payment processing provider, or Paypass in order to incorporate the Near Field Communication technology  into iPhone 5. This information got to them from a developer who is currently working on developing an application which would allow the users of the phone to use their iPhone 5 device as a debit card to make payments both online and offline.

This new app which is currently in the making will include NFC reading capability for all mobile transactions. According to the said developer, he came to realize that all Apple iOSengineers are deep into NFC.

Apple to Include NFC Technology in iPhone 5
Apple to Include NFC Technology in iPhone 5

In case you don’t know it yet, NFC is a chip that normally helps transfers information wirelessly. NFC is an acronym of Near Field Communication and it lets users to be able to use their iPhone as a debit card in order to make payments. By default, this chip will store the information on your credit card or debit. And also it will store the allegiance credits and the points that you have because it would call for an iTunes “revamp”. In case you have referred your friends to make some purchases, then your credits and points will increase.

However, Apple on the other hand has also started a self-checkout system for their Apple Store app which will allows users to use their personal iTunes account to buy items at any Apple retail stores.

Recently, a source at iLounge has reported that Apple Inc. will launch iPhone 5 in the summer of this year, 2012. So let’s share some of the features of the iPhone 5before it finally comes. iPhone 5 will be enhanced with faster processor, and it will comes with features such as:

  • 10 megapixel camera
  • Messed up color profile
  • Aluminium back
  • Siri named as ‘Assistant’
  • It will be 8 mm longer than the current generation iPhones.

Previously, large amount of people worldwide were very much disappointed with Apple’s decision to released the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5, even when many are mostly in expectant of the new device. That same week of the iPhone 4S release, Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs lost the battle of life with a long illness. That same product got much pre-orders more than any other device that have been released by the Cupertino based technology giant.

But the good news is that, you will never be disappointed this year as all hands are on deck to make everything works well. Soon, you would be able to buy your NFC powered iPhone 5!

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