Apple lost iPhone prototype in another bar in Mexico

Apple lost iPhone prototype in another bar in Mexico

For the second time in succession, Apple Inc. has reportedly announced the lost of it news and upcoming product prototype, iOS5.


Facts A: Last year, an Apple iPhone 4 newest version was reportedly lost by an employee of Apple in a German beer hall in Silicon Valley. Upon this notice of the device the, the top gadgets blog, Gizmodo proceeded to buy the phone for a total sum of $5000 (USD). And after the purchase of the phone, Gizmodo then reveal the hidden secrets of the phone to the world with copies of information’s about the phone flooding the world of internet that time.

Facts B:This year too, another Apple employee was reported to have left a prototype of iPhone in a Mexican bar in San Francisco’s Mission District according to CNET Wednesday report.

This trend has started to show that people are making use of the Apple’s failure to protect its product’s prototype from getting exposed to the general public before the official launch.

But since the time of all these claims, Apple has declined to comment on the story but people are waiting to hear what Apple has to say about this. Apple lost iphone prototype last year and this is another time in succession of a year and about the same time of last year’s incident.

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You can read more about this news from the CNN here.

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