Apple To Shut iTunes Connect For A Week

Sorry We are Closed till december - apple itunes connectApple, the giant technology company has said that its iTunes Connect service will be shut down for about a week for the sake of holidays. iTunes connect is the backend service which lets developer have better platform to manage app submission, to update and for checking the report of their app and its performance. iTunes Service will go offline starting from December 22 through to December 29. Below is the exact email which Apple to sent to all developers in respect of this to notify them of the changes.


iTunes Connect will be temporarily shut down from Thursday, December 22 to Thursday, December 29 for the winter holidays.

During this shutdown, the following functionality will be unavailable:

Access to iTunes Connect
The delivery of any apps or updates
Additionally, the following will be delayed:
Releases scheduled to appear on the App Store for the first time
Pricing changes scheduled through the interval pricing system in iTunes Connect

We strongly recommend that you do not schedule pricing changes through the interval pricing system in iTunes Connect that would take effect from December 22 through December 29. Pricing changes scheduled to take effect during this date range will not be reflected in the App Store and the app will become unavailable for purchase.

We also recommend that you do not schedule any apps to go live during the shutdown. Releases scheduled with a sales start date between these dates will not go live until after the shutdown.


The App Store team 

What do you have to say about this move by Apple to send iTunes connect offline even at this time when the company just released iTunes Match.

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