Apple to Release iOS 5 Software soon, Unveil iCloud

The news that iPhone 4S would be out for official sale is no more true as the company, Apple announced it that the phone date has been shifted to another day, but those with older iPhone devices can start experiencing improvements as from today.icloud

According to the reliable source close to Apple, the company is making its iOS 5 software (mobile) available for people as a free upgrade for the iPhone 4 and the 3GS, the two iPad models and the later product which is iPad Touch.

Among all the other things you can get from your phone, this new software will allow all users to be able to synchronize their contents on devices wirelessly, without the need to plug the device to a Mac or Windows computer before you can be able to use it.

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Also, the new software has Message, which lets people send texts, videos or photos to any other Apple devices over Wi-Fi or via a wireless carrier data network, instead of a cellular network.

In addition to that, swiping the top side of your mobile phone screen will bring up a notification page with options such as appointments, stock quotes, reminders, weather, and much more.

Today also marks the launch of  Apple Inc.’s new baby, Apple iCloud service. This service will enable you to store contents such as music, mobile documents and photos on the Apple’s servers and let people access them wirelessly on different devices remotely without stress. Another one component is a $25 per-year service known as iTunes Match that will let people from any part of the world play their personal jukeboxes on any mobile or computer device with iTunes software installed on them instead of keeping them tethered to a PC that has to be synced with other devices before it can work.

However, Apple has said that those wanting the new iPhone 4S will have to wait until at least this Friday before they can get the phone. Earlier on, Apple said this on Monday that the first day of pre-orders for the iPhone 4S topped 1 million, breaking the past record set last year by the phone’s predecessor, iPhone 4.


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