Apple Top Smartphone Vendor of 2011, Not Top OS

According to market analysis firm Strategy Analytics, Apple was again declared as the top smartphone vendor for the second quarter in 2011. Next to Apple came Samsung and Nokia. The global market share distribution for the second quarter was 15.2% for Nokia, 17.5% for Samsung, 18.5% for Apple and 48.9% for other manufacturers. On a whole Apple has achieved 140% growth in the world as a smartphone vendor. Thus the global smartphone vendor market share % stood at 18.5% in the year 2011 (Q2) from 13.5% in 2010 (Q2). And, the global smartphone vendor shipments stood at 20.3 million units in 2011 (Q2) from 8.4 million units in 2010 (Q2). 

Apple Top Smartphone Vendor of 2011
Apple Top Smartphone Vendor of 2011, Not the Top OS

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Other sources also report that Apple is the top smartphone vendor for the year 2011 but the top operating system for Q2 still remained Google Android. Not only was Apple the top smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter of 2011 but also for the whole of 2011.

Apple’s share in the market in the fourth quarter was 23.8 per cent and that for the whole of 2011 was 19 per cent. Reports say that Apple has been successful in selling 37 million iPhones during the first quarter.

In the case of mobile phone sales, Nokia was ahead of both Samsung and Apple. However, Apple stood ahead of LG in the third position. The total sales of Apple smartphone for the year 2011 touched an amazing level of 472 million units. Both Apple and Samsung occupied the top position in smartphones sales chart leaving behind other companies such as RIM, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

When the results were announced Android had regained its position to be the top smartphone platform in US.  Also, Android had the highest market share of 39%. When Apple topped the list with 28% of sales in the US market, others like Windows Phone and Windows mobile could make 9%, Palm OS and Web OS with 2% and Symbian with just 2% of sales in the market.

Tight competition prevailing in the smartphone market is sure to bring out best results particularly for the global consumers.

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