Apple's iPhone 5 Event – 5 Things to Watch out for

Since the new iPhone 5 device is now officially announced to be made available for people to start buying it in couples of hours to come, billions of people worldwide (or even trillions) are now gearing up to purchase their own version of the phone.

People, normally, many of them do not know some of the cool features of the new iPhone 5, they may not know what to expect from the phone or what they can really get from using it. That’s why this post is written to showcase some of the cool features of iPhone 5, what you should be expecting from the phone, likely possible things you can do with the phone as some other things.

Apple, has officially stated some of the things that you can get from the phone on their official website, in order to show people that it is possible for them to release the phone because many thought, this release date may be another postponement by Apple just like the first date chosen was.

If Apple fail once again, it might have negative effect on the company for the future to come and here below are the top five things you should be expecting to happen today at the Apple event.

Tim Cook as Pitchman

Tim is the new Apple’s CEO and it is his duty to make people understand some of the things that the phone would be able to do for people in the special keynote address on Tuesday. Steve Jobs is the only person known to be the perfect man for this position because He’s the one that normally took over this keynote address before in history. Although, Tim Cook has not ever in his history before he got to the position of the CEO lead a keynote address for Apple before and this will be his first time appearance.

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Hardware vs Software Update

Apple pulled out of the official announcement date for iPhone 5 earlier on after revealing the device back in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference and most people are expecting something that would compensate them for the time Apple took to postpone the official release date to Tuesday today. Some angle of people believes that iOS5 will be a refresh version of Apple iPhone 4 but, chances are that the new iPhone 5 will even be better than that according to Mashable post.

Apple and Facebook Friendship Re-ignited

Facebook and Apple for ages have not in a while be in good terms. With recent integration of Twitter into its ping without Facebook, it shows that the two company have had rough history for the past few years now.

According to Tech pundit, Robert Scoble,  He said, “Apple will announce a deal with Facebook that will be stunning in its depth.”

Very soon now, you will come to notice that the world most successful phone making company, Apple and the number one social media site on the globe, Facebook will become a friend again. There is a rumored iPad app that could be the start of a beautiful friendship that would see Facebook having an affair with iOS again.

The Importance of iCloud

Last April, Apple mentioned iCloud, but the company have kept silence since that time and this would be the best time for Apple to say much on the benefits of icloud and others.

The Fate of the iPod

Apple may use this event to talk about the fate of iPod and some of the challenges that the music playing device might be facing and some other things.

All of these are what you should be expecting at the iPhone 5 Event billed for Tuesday Oct4.

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