5 Free Ringtone Apps to Make Free Ringtones

TOP 5 Best Free Apps for Ringtones

One of the continuing trends we look into mobile phones are personalized ringtones.  Nowadays, the technology is evidencing much advancement to meet our all needs; it does have several softwares or applications which offer us a feature to make ringtones and that too for free. I’ve always been looking for the best way to make MP3 ringtones for my mobile phone, I’m using a BlackBerry Smartphone, so I need a cool app that I can use to make ringtones free. And now, I can say, my search is no more because I have what I’ve been looking for here in this post. This post was written as a guest post by a fellow reader of this blog to help our readers in having good idea of how to create free ringtones on their mobile device with the great apps that we mentioned in this article.

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In this post were listed some great free ringtone apps which can be used to make free ringtone that you can play on your smartphones without hassle.

Free Ringtone Apps to Make Ringtones Easily

1. AV RingtoneMAX

av ringtone max ringtone maker

Av RingtoneMAX is a free Windows based application for creating ringtones. The easy-to-use interface of this application makes it more reliable and as such, it turns to be a perfect app for beginners. It does has several features like you can of course, cut the  cut a extract portion of a song, which you like and want to use as your ringtone. In addition, it brings you other advanced features like 3D sound, fade-in and fade-out and you can even add other funny audio effects to make your ringtone funny. It can even be used as a Voice recorder, a voice converter and as a song remixing tool. It supports all major audio formats. And all this brought to you totally free.

2. Audacity 

audacity ringtone maker

Audacity is a brand by its name itself. Still, it is our responsibility to give its small description to all people to whom this terms sounds new. In short, Audacity is open source software for recording and editing sounds. Currently it is available for Windows, MAC X and Linux and is available for free. This software has several special effects that will just not give you a ringtones; it will give you pretty amazing ringtones.  You can insert fades, 3D music, effects and mix it with other tracks.

3. Ringtone Maker Pro 

Ringtone Maker Pro

Ringtone Maker Pro is an application built for IPhone users which super simple to use as you can select any desired song from your phone’s library and then convert it into ringtone. It’s so simple in using that you just need to choose the song from your phone’s music library. Next you will see a slider on the app which you will have to use and drag it to the position from where your ringtone will start. Under that, you’ll have the length selection which you have decide how long with ringtone would play. So, you’re done and now you can tap on the play button to check how the ringtone would be and then finally click on ‘Create Ringtone’ button and you’re done.

4. MP3 Ringtone Maker

MP3 Ringtone Maker

The MP3 Ringtone Maker is built only for Android Platform which is easy to use app to create ringtones. You can also set those sounds you make in this app as your alarm tones. Using this application is really simple as creating ringtones with it is easy as you just need to follow on screen instructions.

5. Melofania.com

melofania - app to make free ringtones

Melofania is an online website where you can create custom ringtones and all for free. You can create ringtone using this online web application and then save it onto your PC or directly onto your phone. This site is easy to use and really simple to operate. The website does have readymade ringtones available for download.


No need to search for app to make ringtones anymore since you have these great applications at your disposal, kindly download these apps and start creating ringtones.

So, here I’m done with sharing the Best 5 Free Apps to Make Ringtones. If you have any other, do let us know via comments.







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